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Suga from BTS on ‘Tonight Show’

Suga at Tonight Show

Was it Suga or Agust D I’m not quite sure. Okay !! so Suga of BTS had a packed schedule for his appearance on The Tonight Show on Monday, May 1, including addressing his new solo album as August D, D-Day, testing his gastrointestinal system with a new game, and playing his song “Haegeum.”
sugahis compelling rendition of “Haegeum” rounded out the evening, his full band providing a hard rock edge to the song that epitomises D-Day’s liberation ideas. The haegum is a traditional Korean instrument as well as the Korean phrase for “lifting a ban.”

“Once I asked myself about what my definition of liberation is, I started unpacking that idea of liberation more [through my songs],” He toldin a recent interview. “I think viewers will think it’s very fun and entertaining—considering the other kinds of promotions I’ve done. I have confidence. In the video, I’m just living very freely.”

Suga from BTS on ‘Tonight Show'

He discussed his prior life as an ace food delivery boy, being the best basketball player in BTS, D-Day, returning to the road, and his pre-show ritual with Jimmy Fallon. “I actually take a shot of whisky with the band before going on stage,” he explained. “For real, we’re going to take a shot together.” Then we take the stage.” (Fallon then produced shots for both of them.)

Fallon also shocked Him with a genuine haegeum during the conversation, prompting the musician to ask, “How do you play this?” I made the tune on a virtual instrument…” He and Fallon then attempted, and failed horribly, to elicit any sound from the instrument other than a terrible scream.

Suga from BTS on ‘Tonight Show'
Finally, Fallon convinced Suga to be the first contestant in a new Tonight Show segment dubbed “Imposter Game.” The participants were offered two dishes that looked similar but tasted extremely different; the audience was then asked to predict which food each contestant ate based on their reaction. Suga struggled to take a tablespoon of salt in the first round, whereas Fallon gulped a drink of (you guessed it)

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