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Tropix UDance AfterMovie

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Tropix is an electronic/pop duo who’s road to success is just beginning. Topping charts and remixing their way to the top of the SoundCloud New & Hot Dance Top 50, the Chicago meets New York duo are known for putting their stamp on songs from the likes of Two Friends, The Chainsmokers, Cheat Codes, Justin Caruso, Lost King’s and more. Seamlessly blending the familiar upbeat elements of new wave top 40 hits into that of an electronic paradise, Tropix takes listeners on a much needed get away with every release. Putting a heavy focus on their original discography for the upcoming year, expect a truly unique, unfiltered side of Tropix. Self-Managed | Email Us Business: [email protected] Promo: [email protected]

Last modified on Sunday, 17 April 2022

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