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Tanmaya Bhatnagar – An Indian singer and songwriter.

She made her Bollywood playback singing debut in the romantic drama Comedy Couple as a composer, lyricist and singer.

Tanmaya Bhatnagar

Tanmaya was born in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Growing up around a musical mother played a huge part in her love for music. Her mother would sing, play the guitar and write poetry. This inspired Tanmaya in no small measure. As she grew older, she started to teach herself to play the Guitar, Ukulele and explored songwriting. Music became not just an escape and a passion, but a powerful means of expression for her. She has lived in Chennai, Gangtok and Rajasthan due to her father’s commitments in the army. She stated during the interview with Rolling Stone (India) that: 

Music gives me the platform to say what I need to say without the fear of being vulnerable, strong or lonely.

Musical style

Bhatnagar plays the guitar and the ukulele, and writes songs in both English and Hindi. Her tunes are typically a result of ground-breaking feelings enclosed by moving words and melody. Her songwriting is frequently propelled by her own encounters with the surroundings, she expounds on how she has felt seeing someone or something, in regular daily existence and furthermore expounds on the relationship that she has with herself. Her music videos have a vintage vibe and serenity.

Tanmaya performed as part of the virtual TEDx event held online in the month of February 2021.

Ahe has received praise and recognition from the Oscar-winning musician A. R. Rahman.

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