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Taylor Swift shows ‘error’ on X, no longer searchable amid AI image scandal; singer plans legal action

Trying to search Swift on X? Well you can’t. Taylor Swift‘s name has vanished from the search bar of Elon Musk’s owned social media platform X (twitter). The decision stems from a disturbing scandal involving graphic, AI-generated images of the singer, raising urgent questions about the ethical boundaries of technology and its potential to exploit and harm people. Currently when X users try to search for her name, they get an error notice.

Elon Musk’s social media platform X (twitter) has removed Taylor Swift’s name from its search bar following a scandal involving AI-generated images of the singer (Photo by Michael TRAN / AFP)(AFP)

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X scrubs Taylor Swift after deepfake scandal

Previously, from the White House to US lawmakers, there were expressions of concern, urging both the government and corporations to take essential measures to mitigate the negative effects of AI. Now, in a bold move, X has chosen to temporarily halt the search for Swift’s name, demonstrating an abundance of caution and prioritizing her safety. After finding out what happened X in a conversation to Page six said, “This is a temporary action and done with an abundance of caution as we prioritize safety on this issue.”

Taylor Swift’s AI image scandal

Shocking sexualized deepfakes of Taylor Swift, circulated on X over the past week, portrayed the 34-year-old musician at her boyfriend’s NFL game. The disturbing deepfakes, targeting the Cruel Summer singer quickly sparked outrage among her loyal fans who urged others not to spread them. Swifties also uncovered the individual responsible for this disgraceful act.

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A source earlier told Daily Mail that ‘furious’ Taylor Swift is “considering taking legal action.” “Whether or not legal action will be taken is being decided, but there is one thing that is clear: These fake, AI-generated images are abusive, offensive, exploitative and done without Taylor’s consent and/or knowledge,” the insider said on Thursday.

The has not officially commented on the scandal, but her fans are rallying in defense. “The Twitter account that posted them does not exist anymore. It is shocking that the social media platform even let them be up to begin with.” the source added.

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