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Taylor Swift’s close call: nearly falls off chair in a racy dance move during Eras Tour in Tokyo

As Taylor Swift took center stage in Tokyo, surrounded by her ardent fans during her Eras Tour, she faced a moment of uncertainty while performing Vigilante S**t. The 14-time Grammy winner, who had just kicked off the 2024 leg of her tour in Japan, was immersed in the lively atmosphere of her Midnights album performance. During a spontaneous dance move, there was a slight stumble. However, Swift quickly recovered and seamlessly continued the song.

Singer Taylor Swift performs at her concert for the international “The Eras Tour” in Tokyo, Japan February 7, 2024. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon ATTENTION EDITORS – NO COMMERCIAL OR BOOK SALES. NOT FOR USE ON ANY PRINT OR ELECTRONIC MAIN COVER OF MAGAZINES. EDITORIAL USE ONLY.(REUTERS)

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Taylor Swift’s near fall in Tokyo performance

Typically calculated and impeccably rehearsed, Swift’s energetic chair choreography in Vigilante S**t” took an unexpected turn as she reached to sit back. The video now viral on X, captures her momentary surprise upon realizing the chair wasn’t positioned as anticipated.

“I JUST KNOW ALL 34 YEARS OF HER LIFE FLASHED BEFORE HER EYES IN 0.13 SECONDS”, a fan wrote while sharing the video online.

However, several others joined the conversation and praised the pop star for her impressive leg balance. Despite a momentary loss of balance, Taylor remained composed, squatting in the same position without slipping. An online user wrote, “i STILL get amazed by her strength bECAUSE DID SHE JUST DO AN UNINTENTIONAL SQUAT ON THE SPOT”, while others chimed in as well. “The leg strength she’s got that she saved herself from falling off is insane bc I would have been ass first on the ground”, i would have not recovered the way she did hahaahaha”, “This could have gone so wrong, but Taylor survived thanks to dem THIGHS! Nothing quite like a strong woman”, “She realized it way too late and went to normal mode after two seconds.”

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Taylor Swift’s Tokyo tour schedule

Taylor is slated to perform for three more nights at Tokyo Dome before heading back to Los Angeles for the upcoming Super Bowl, where her boyfriend Travis Kelce is scheduled to play. The next tour for Eras tour 2024 is inMelbourne, Australia (February 16-18), followed by Sydney, Australia (February 23-26), Singapore (March 2-9), Paris, France (May 9-12), and so on. In April she will release her new albumThe Tortured Poets Department.

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