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The Tabla Guy aka Nikhil Paralikar hopes to break boundaries with debut single Tum Shayra

Nikhil Paralikar, widely recognised for his tabla covers, is stepping into the spotlight as a singer and composer with the romantic single Tum Shayra. The inspiration for the song struck him during the wedding season, prompting the creation of a modern yet traditional wedding love song. He shares, “I felt the tradition needed a modern yet traditional wedding love song. The song depicts a story of two childhood friends who fell in love and finally got hitched.”

Nikhil Paralikar famous for his Tabla renditions has released his debut single Tum Shayra

Having grown up in a household immersed in classical and Bollywood music, Nikhil always harboured a passion for singing. Motivated by personal experiences, emotions, and a desire for self-discovery, he says, “Motivation to create music can stem from various sources such as personal experiences, emotions, artistic expression, or a desire for self-discovery. Mine was all of the above. There is nothing more exciting than being able to compose your own original music.”

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With his latest release, Paralikar merges traditional and contemporary elements, incorporating shehnai with modern beat patterns, “I want listeners to understand the theme of the song. Particularly the fusion of the shehnai that was used with the contemporary beat patterns. As I said, it’s a modern yet traditional wedding love song. The lyrics also have been crafted with the same idea,” he says.

His journey has been closely associated with the tabla, and he envisions changing the traditional perception of the instrument by incorporating it into diverse music genres. He says, “Tabla helps create unique fusions and broaden the appreciation of cultural musical elements in different contexts. It’s a very vast subject which is yet to be explored. I am in the process, and the journey is long. The change in perception will take some time, and I am at it.”

Expressing his aspiration to demonstrate that the tabla can be paired with any music genre, Nikhil describes his approach using his own words, “Frankly, I just listened to a song and wondered why tabla wasn’t used in this. It could have sounded so much better. That’s my approach of adding tabla to an existing tune/genre,” he signs off.

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