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Usher’s Super Bowl halftime spectacle to honour Black musical icons

Usher has opened up about his upcoming Super Bowl LVIII halftime show, shedding light on his decision to spotlight R&B music. In a recent interaction on Good Morning America, he shared with reporter Kelley Carter reflections on the challenges faced by past Black artists.

Usher at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on March 12, 2023, (AP)

He acknowledged the struggles endured by those artists, recognizing how their perseverance paved the way for him to headline the live entertainment on football’s grandest stage later this month.

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Usher’s Halftime Show Tribute

Usher shared insights into his show planning, highlighting the struggles faced by past artists who had to navigate kitchens just to perform for an audience. He acknowledged the hardships they endured, leaving through the same door and fearing for their lives as they moved on to the next stage.

US Singer Usher(Instagram/usher)
US Singer Usher(Instagram/usher)

With a smile, Usher declared his intention to break through the front door with his performance, symbolizing a positive shift in the narrative.

Decades of Hits

With a musical career spanning three decades, the singer faced the task of selecting from a vast catalogue for his halftime show set. During his discussion with Carter, he revealed that he also considered the influence of his friends and mentors in the industry while planning the upcoming performance.

Usher humbly acknowledged his journey, stating that he didn’t reach his current position alone. He emphasized that he didn’t start where he is now and expressed gratitude for everyone who played a part in his success.

He shared that he carries with him all his fans, loved ones, and those who may have felt forgotten. As he steps onto the stage that night, he emphasized that he brings them all along, ensuring they are remembered and celebrated.

A still from Usher's last Super Bowl Halftime Show (Instagram\usher)
A still from Usher’s last Super Bowl Halftime Show (Instagram\usher)

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The singer refrained from giving away specific details or hints about surprises in the upcoming performance. However, in a previous digital cover interview with Vogue, he had expressed his desire for those who typically watch the Super Bowl solely for the football to witness his show and undergo a healing experience.

Usher is set to take the stage for the Super Bowl halftime show on February 11th.

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