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Vineet Singh Hukmani says his AI-generated Republic Day song brings ‘newness’

Singer-songwriter Vineet Singh Hukmani launched his new song titled Born In Bharat, Born For India that celebrates the real achievers of the country – the common man.

Singer-musician Vineet Singh Hukmani’s Republic Day video titled Born In Bharat, Born For India uses AI-generated technology.(Instagram/@vineetsinghhukmani)

“A common man is working to take the energy of our nation to the next level. So, my song thanks their spirit and unseen contributions,” he told us.

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The song which released ahead of the Republic Day, stands out for its use of artificial intelligence, where every featured character is AI generated. Hukmani believes this technology brings newness to the concept.

“As independent musicians, we don’t have the budget to shoot with so many real life characters and stylisations. AI is a brilliant way to do that. But the sentiment of loving your country is evergreen,” he said.

Elaborating on how AI brought its own challenges, Hukmani shared that while directing the video, he had to control the gaze of these characters.

But wasn’t an AI-generated video a risky preposition, considering how it is seeing a lot of negative implications on social media? He differed calling AI a good assistant, even if not a good master yet.

The ISRO India Ka Asli Hero singer added, “Technology is innocent, the way you use it might not be. There’s always a human behind those wrongful intentions and activities.

Hukmani launched the upbeat number at start of the new year. According to him, it brings new energy and beginning in 2024.

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