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Youngest Dancehall Dancer

Youngest Dancehall Dancer

Passionate about dance since childhood, it is in front of Michael Jackson's concerts that Lil'Gbb takes a taste for dance by reproducing his choreographies identically. Coming from a mixed family and an entourage of both West Indian, Caucasian and African, he appreciates the different universe of many musical styles such as dancehall, hiphop, ndombolo, soukouss, offbeat coupé and West Indian music.

In 2006 he joined a group of friends passionate about urban dances "DBC Crew", he met a member of the group he idolized at the time "Why Dem Faya". He will be noticed and he will be offered to come meet the other members before being one of the 5 boys from the group Why Dem Faya at the time.

Since then, accumulating video clips, performances, trips, he has forged a particular style mixing energy, style, flexibility, technique and different influences which earned him: the victory of his first battle in the dancehall category thanks to which he will represent France at Battle Soul City. Festival in Russia in October 2012 and its title of DANCEHALL KING FRANCE 2012 unanimously. He also appeared at the first edition of You Can Dance (So You Think You Can Dance) on 1500 candidates, he is one of the last 20 unfortunately not the last 16 who will have access to the bonus. Recently he participated in the European Dancehall King 2013 competition and won it.

Since Lil'Gbb is recognized in France and abroad and travels for workshops and services in cities / countries such as: Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Perpignan, Toulouse, Usa, Japan, Jamaica, Sweden

Having danced for great artists such as: Lady Sweety, Jacky Brown, Lapiosh Titivita, Charleston, Dizy Show, Admiral T, Colonel Reyel, Datcha Dollarz, Anggun, Mr Vegas, Ce'Cile, Kat Deluna (and many others) he has had a great experience of the stage, he has performed on all the biggest stages in France: La Cigalle, Zenith in Toulouse, Zenith in Paris, Elysée Montmartre, BERCY (which he did 3 times with Admiral T, Colonel Reyel and Kat Deluna) also the STADE DE FRANCE in front of more than 70,000 spectators.

With his group Why Dem Faya Lil'Gbb was able to perform on the famous stage of INTERNATIONAL DANCEHALL QUEEN 2012 they are part of the first European group to have performed on this prestigious stage.
He often collaborates with many talented dancers.

Full of ambition and purpose in the dance, he continues on his way up the ladder little by little, he is far from stopping and working so that whatever happens to him is deserved because there is nothing and nothing.
Youngest Dancehall Dancer– 3e au concours Dance All Battle 2010 avec Why Dem Faya Crew- Winner of Battle HipHop Contest Cat. Dancehall
– Dancehall King France 2012
– Finalist Battle Who iZ Who 2012 Cat. Dancehall
– Winner of European Dancehall King 2013
– Finalist Juste Debout Dancehall 2017

Youngest Dancehall Dancer

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