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Youra : Rising Artist from Korea

Kim You-ra, known as Youra (kor .: 유라) is a South Korean singer-songwriter who is under contract to the indie label Mun Hwa In. Mun Hwa In is an indie label, which was founded in May 2016 by Kakao M (at the time LOEN ENTERTAINMENT). The label currently houses a total of six solo artists and the EverLua duo.


She is a female soloist and singer-songwriter with a unique style, flair and vocal tone, which distinguishes her from others in the current Korean music scene.

Youra : Rising Artist from Korea

She has never learned music. She just started off as a hobby. She made in roads into music by uploading songs om SoundCloud, a website for audio sharing, before her official debut. One day, 015B, Korean famous singer contacted her to suggest collaboration. And then, they released song, ‘My Hair is Green, 나의 머리는 녹색’.

Youra : Rising Artist from Korea

This song was a complete contrast to the output of other artists and groups at the time. In others’ hands ‘My Hair is Green’ could have sounded detached and incomplete, but Youra was able to fit several complex ideas together with her co-writer and pushed the retro sound very well. We loved the track immediately, from the initial guitar riff to the last vocal note. Next to follow was ‘my’, her official debut single which is a slower and softer piece, showcasing a captivating lilting style in the chorus.

Youra : Rising Artist from Korea

Youra’s Music

Youra’s major strengths are found in her unconventional songwriting ability and in having a very distinctive and highly expressive vocal tone. We learned more with her appearance as a contestant in ‘The Fan’ – a new weekly televised singing competition which pits promising new artists against one another. Such are her strengths that she received endorsement from prolific singer Lena Park, who specifically requested Youra to appear as a guest at her own concerts.
In contrast to the punchy energy of her first release, Youra appeared a little shy and reserved in front of the celebrity panel. But she quickly demonstrated to everyone that she is a creative thinker and a great songwriter, even taking inspiration from the movement of water for one of her self-penned tracks inspired by the view of the sea at Yeosu.

Youra : Rising Artist from Korea

The album ‘B-side’ is my favorite album released in March 2019,It contains 4 songs including the title song ‘Flicker,깜빡’, a collaboration with Car the Garden, followed by the singles “Dot”, “Happy” and Virus Mix “in 2020.Last year she contributed the song “New Direction” to the KBS2 drama “Memorials” (also known as “Into the Ring.”) Youra has over 180,000 global listeners per month on Spotify.

Youra : Rising Artist from Korea

She collaborated with many famous artists, 015B, Cosmic Boy, Giri Boy, Car the Garden, and Groovy Room.And one of my favorite is “Can I love?”, a collaboration with Cosmic Boy and Meego.

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