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Yuri Bardash : Ukraine’s Rap Sensation

Yuri Bardash is the Ukrainian music industry’s renaissance man — besides claiming Grebz as his brainchild, he is also the producer for the wildly popular Quest Pistols Show, and was the founder of the now-defunct Kruzheva Music label.Whereas 4atty and Symptom of Grebz have tried to recapture the sort of absurd whimsicality that made Grebz famous, Yuri has instead gone the opposite route in his solo project that is every bit as gritty as Grebz was at their darkest.

Yuri Bardash : Ukraine’s Rap Sensation

Yuri’s marketing campaign has largely followed the same pattern that his group found success with — his debut album Plan B was released without warning and with no advertising.he recently shared the stage with Alyona Alyona at 2019’s RAP UA Awards, where his song “Praktika” was named Best Clip.His album “Plan B” is a remarkably precise and relevant reflection of present-day — from its mechanic and robotic sound to the dynamic and steep narration of the problems not foreign to people in his homeland.

Yuri Bardash

Yuri Bardash’s Early Life

Yuri was born on February 23, 1983 in the city of Alchevsk, Lugansk region. From an early age, he became interested in acrobatics, ballet, break dance.In his youth, in his hometown, he founded the Quest team, which worked in the Poisk children’s creativity club. After graduation, the guy moved to Kiev, where he earned a living by dancing performances.Initially, Yuri collaborated with the Forse team.
When in 2002 preparations began for the first large-scale Ukrainian musical “Equator”, which premiered in October 2003 on the stage of the Kiev Operetta Theater, he got the position of a coach of dancers performing tricks in the project. At the working site Bardash met the future soloists of the Quest group: Konstantin Borovsky, Nikita Goryuk, Anton Savlepov.
After the musical, the dancers begin to work together as a show ballet with dancers from pop artists, as well as with independent programs.

In 2006, Yuri got the idea to create a musical ensemble from Quest, for which he took the name “Quest Pistols”. The first song performed by the dancers was a cover of “I’m Tired” of Shocking Blue’s “Long and Lonesome Road”. The premiere of the video took place in 2007 on the “Chance” talk show, which was broadcast on the Ukrainian national channel “Inter”.

Yuri Bardash : Ukraine’s Rap Sensation

Six months later, the studio album “For You” was released, which became platinum. In 2009 the second disc of the group “Superklass” with a cover of Nikolai Voronov’s track “White Dragonfly of Love” went on sale. On YouTube, the clip has collected more than 5 million views.Since 2010, the group’s repertoire includes hits like “He’s Near”, “I’m Your Drug”, “Revolution”, “You’re So Beautiful”, “Different”, “Let’s Forget Everything”.

After the successful start of Quest Pistols, Yuri created his own production company in 2010 called Kruzheva Music and began creating new projects: the youth pop group Open Kids, the pop-rock group Nerves and the electro-pop trio Iya. At the same time, Yuri leaves for Los Angeles to study the basics of video production. At the same time, Bardash does not cease to supervise the musical groups created by him.Together with musicians 4atty aka Tilla (Ilya Kapustin), rap artist Symptom NZHN and YouTube sketcher Kyivstoner, yuro creates the hip-hop group “Mushrooms”.

Yuri Bardash : Ukraine’s Rap Sensation

The project started with the video “Intro”, which gathered a million views on YouTube in 4 weeks.In the same year, the second video of the “Cops” team was greeted with enthusiasm by users. The popularity of the musical group on the VKontakte network turned out to be unprecedented.Yuri receive an award at the Jagermeister Indie Awards – 2016 for the song “Intro”.

In 2017, at the YUNA award ceremony, the Mushrooms group receives a prize in the Discovery of the Year nomination. And the musical composition “The Ice is Melting” won the Russian National Music Prize in the “Song of the Year” nomination.According to the rating of the music service iTunes, it was recognized as the best in Russia. The popularity of the track is also confirmed by a large number of covers and parodies, including in top-rated humorous shows such as “Evening Urgant”.

Yuri Bardash : Ukraine’s Rap Sensation

The first album of the collective “House on Wheels, Part 1” was released in 2016. The release of the second disc, “House on Wheels, Part 2” was planned for 2017, but never took place. The band has its own Instagram account, where hip-hoppers post amateur and work photos and videos. At the beginning of 2017, “Mushrooms” went on their first tour of the cities of Russia, Moldova and Ukraine. In the same year, Yuri managed to collaborate with the Blizzard group, for which he shot the video “I was where you were not!”.

In autumn it became known that Yuri Bardash decided to complete the creative activity of the “Mushrooms” group. The last concert of the team was to take place on New Year’s Eve. At the same time, the promotion of the Bambinton project began. For a couple of months, the video clip for the hit “Zaya” collected 9 million views, and in China the video generally went viral.On the Shazam Top 100 China music service, he entered the top 5 most requested tracks. In December, Bambinton delighted fans with the release of their debut album Album of the Year.

Yuri Bardash : Ukraine’s Rap Sensation

In 2018, the musician canceled the work of his production center Kruzheva. At the same time, Bardash launched a new solo project YOURA, within the framework of which the album “Predictor” was released. The collection includes tracks by Praktika (which has 24 lakh views) , Gengsta, Odin, Specklass and Zloy and Gruzovik (reached 12lakh views on YouTube).

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