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Single’s Inferno 2 star Shin Seul Ki surprises fans with acting debut in ‘Pyramid Game’ trailer | – Times of India

After captivating audiences with her charm and charisma on ‘Single’s Inferno 2’, contestant Shin Seul Ki is gearing up to make her mark in the world of acting, offering netizens a tantalizing glimpse of her debut performance. The news of Seul Ki’s transition from reality TV to the screen was met with eager anticipation, especially following the announcement in 2023 that she would be joining the cast of ‘Pyramid Game’, a series adapted from the popular manga of the same name.
In late January, netizens were taken aback by the dramatic transformation revealed in the series’ promotional posters. Sporting a chic short bob and glasses, Seul Ki stunned fans alongside stars like WJSN’s Bona and IVE Wonyoung’s sister, Jang Da Ah. The stark contrast from her previous appearance on reality television left many intrigued about her new role.

Then, on February 6, the moment arrived as Tving dropped the first trailer for ‘Pyramid Game’. While Bona continued to shine as the main protagonist and Jang Da Ah garnered attention for her portrayal of a bully, it was Seul Ki who stole the spotlight with her unexpected performance. Making her first appearance with a significant speaking role, Seul Ki impressed viewers with her transformation both physically and in character, embodying the role of a serious and stern class leader.
Netizens were quick to express their admiration for Seul Ki’s evolution, praising not only her remarkable physical transformation but also her compelling portrayal of her character. Despite the brief glimpse provided in the trailer, it was enough to showcase Seul Ki’s versatility and talent, unveiling a side of her that was worlds apart from her previous persona as a beauty queen on ‘Single’s Inferno 2’.

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