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Shah Rukh Khan’s Two-and-a-Half-Hour Bathing Ritual Before Every Movie Release | – Times of India

Shah Rukh Khan has been in the industry for more than 30 years and has this unparalleled superstar status. The actor is known for iconic movies but at the same time, he’s also faced failures in his career. In his recent chat at the World Government Summit, Shah Rukh spoke about what he does before the release of the movie and how he deals with success and failures.
Reacting to it, SRK revealed that he has a ‘bath’ ritual before the release of every movie and bath-salt dips are deeply satisfying for him. He said, “In India, films mostly release on Fridays, so on Thursday evenings, at my home in Mumbai, a day before my movie releases, I give myself a two-and-a-half-hour bath and rinse myself of all my work.”
While he had the biggest hits last year in the form of ‘Pathaan‘ and ‘Jawan‘, SRK had a dull time before that when films like ‘Fan’ and ‘Zero’ didn’t meet expectations. Reacting to it, he said, “You work hard, thinking you made the best of films, and you’re telling the nicest of stories, expecting the world to love it. But you wake up on a Friday morning and the film that you made with so much love, flops. Oftentimes, you don’t like the film that you’re making and those become the biggest hits,” thus further adding that, “We must not forget that you have to say your prayers and go back to work. So Mondays are dedicated to trying to make better films.”
However, SRK put his witty side to display yet again as he added that he does need money. “The bath oils are very expensive,” he laughed!
The actor revealed that he was chasing perfection and trying to be unique but in the process of it, he realised that he is not listening to what the audience wants from him. He started to hear that and then made choices like ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Jawan’.

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