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Ranbir Kapoor's fans accused of harassing woman who criticised his Ramayana look; morphed her face in 'obscene' photos and videos | - Times of India

Ranbir Kapoor’s fans accused of harassing woman who criticised his Ramayana look; morphed her face in ‘obscene’ photos and videos | – Times of India

In a rather concerning incident that unfolded on social media, a woman who criticised actor Ranbir Kapoor‘s leaked look from the sets of his upcoming film, ‘Ramayana‘ has become the target of cyberbullying and harassment from alleged ‘fans’.
In a series of tweets, the woman, reached out the @mpcyberpolice handle, asking for swift action on the handles that have been harassing her and going to disturbing lengths to morph her personal photos into ‘obscene’ videos.
In a tweet on April 27, the woman reacted to a post criticizing Ranbir’s new look as Lord Ram, implying that it seemed no different from his ‘Sanju’ and ‘Animal’ avatars. “Range so good i can’t even find difference between three characters,” she commented, sparking a barrage of online attacks from supporters of the actor.

Following her post, she revealed that some of Kapoor’s fans went to the extent of cyberbullying by morphing her photographs into videos and photos to circulate them on the internet and tarnish her image.

The relentless onslaught of harassment took a severe toll on the woman, leading her to indicate thoughts of self-harm in one of her tweets that read, “now i get why people su!c!d3 over cyber bullying it can affect you so bad mentally.”

Seeking support and intervention, she took to her handle to share her distressing experience and repeatedly tagged the cyber crime unit while providing ‘evidence’ in the form of screenshots and links to the accounts that posted the manipulated images.
In a series of tweets, she wrote, “I am reaching out in dire need of assistance, I am a victim of online harassment. My personal pictures are being morphed and edited obscenely without my consent, causing distress and harm. I am attaching all the images as proofs here. These people are constantly harassing me and editing pictures in obscene videos in a very shameful manner, even after calling out they did not stop and have been harassing me since yesterday till now, I can share the original videos and pictures in dms. These are the links of the tweet that are still up and are created today even after complaining and posting about the harassment that I faced.”

In a plea for assistance, the affected user reached out to authorities, including the cybercrime division, in a bid to address the issue. She tweeted, “I have filled 2 cyber crime complaints online as well but haven’t got any response back, i can provide the original pdfs in dm @mpcyberpolice. I kindly request your immediate intervention and assistance in investigating this matter. I have attached evidence, including screenshots and links to the edited images, for your reference. Additionally, I am willing to provide any further information or assistance necessary. Please take necessary actions Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you.”
Last weekend, photos of Ranbir Kapoor, Sai Pallavi shooting for their turn as Lord Ram and Sita, were leaked online. The photos saw the two in full costume shooting their scenes on their movie sets. The unauthorized images soon went viral online, and were promptly taken down by the team. ‘Ramayana’, which is one of the most highly-anticipated upcoming films, will release in theatres in 2025.

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