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Angela Buono : Photographer | Retoucher | Art Director | Video maker | Graphic and Web designer | Social manager.

Angela, born in 1995, was born in the province of Salerno, in Cilento to be precise.

Angela, born in 1995, was born in the province of Salerno, in Cilento to be precise. Graduated in 2014, she moved to Milan to follow her photography studies at the European Institute of Design, specializing in the beauty and fashion sector in December 2017. Her vocation became clear from the first months of study, when, thanks to the experiences of collaborations with other specific figures in the sector, she came into contact with the many areas of photography, discovering her favorites. For her studying is important, because you have in front of you experienced people who not only explain to you how to do but also what difficulties may exist. she think the study, in any field, is the solid base that allows you to grow and discover. Her motto is: know the rules and break them.

His passion turns into work when he communicates the ideal of beauty through communication, making it become a style. Fashion is glossy, femininity is the undisputed subject of images and fiction is the director of films.

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Over the years of study she has had the opportunity to collect skills in the creation of editorials, lookbooks and reportages working as a photographer, retoucher, art director, video maker, graphic and web designer, social manager.

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when asked about when did she knew she wanted to be a photographer she replied –“There is no precise moment when I realized that I wanted to be a photographer. Today at 11 pm, after ups and downs, fears and uncertainties, sacrifices and defeats, I am a photographer.Being a photographer is not a job it’s a lifestyle. Your eyes, your vision of the world, were not born suddenly, it is a gift that has developed over the years and will continue to grow forever.Do you think that as a child I used to photograph people by cutting off their heads from the frame? Some might say that this is also art we could read between the lines and say that diversity makes us unique.”

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