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Antoha MC :Russian artist | Rapper

Antoha MC :Russian artist | Rapper

Utilizing an assortment of sounds and styles, Antoha MC makes a durable, strange, and right away conspicuous (and danceable) sound.

Antoha MC is a Russian artist, rapper, and trumpet player. Utilizing an assortment of sounds and styles, he makes a durable, strange, and right away conspicuous (and danceable) sound.This unmistakable sound is a combination of hip jump/rap, jazz, funk and reggae that in some way evades platitudes and pastiche.

Antoha MC :Russian artist | Rapper

Effervescent beats are supplemented by verses that and melodic topics that never stray a long way from his underlying foundations. With collections called “Country” and “About Me,” Antoha is glad for his Moscow foundation and needs to recount to his nearby story in a drawing in and frequently fun way.His music has unquestionably advanced throughout the long term, fostering a more developed sound and addressing more genuine subjects while keeping a general energetic and good feel.In later months, Antoha displayed at favorable to Navalny fights with a huge drum and was quickly captured. The artist, notwithstanding, is a long way from one of Russia’s dissent specialists, yet rather is intelligent of the standard Moscow working class from which he arose.

Antoha MC :Russian artist | Rapper

He began studying music at the age of eight, playing the trumpet . He grew up in a musical family among six brothers and sisters, one of the brothers played the trombone , and the older sister played the cello . He graduated from the Biomedical Lyceum. He studied at the music school in the class ” Trumpet “.

In 2011, Anton’s first album “With all my heart” was released. All music was recorded by Anton, he is also the author of texts, which he himself recites, and also plays along with himself on the trumpet. The album was recorded and published independently, distributed by Anton himself among friends and acquaintances. The total circulation is 500 CDs. The name of the album accurately characterizes the musician’s work: the disc came out sincere and kind, and the lyrics are dedicated to pleasant moments of life, in contrast to the topics raised by most Russian rappers.

Antoha MC :Russian artist | Rapper

In 2014, he began collaborating with Eduard Shumeiko (“Noise”), a former producer of the 5nizza ‘ group and Nino Katamadze . In the future, due to inattention in the preparation of documents, this will lead to a conflict between Anton and the producer and the loss of rights to all already released works (including before the start of work with Noise). 

Antoha MC :Russian artist | Rapper

In 2014, Anton’s first solo concert took place at the Chinatown club, to which relatives and close friends were invited .

In 2015, Antokha MC’s EP “Everything will pass” is released, and in 2016 – the album “Kin”. According to the Afisha Daily website, the album was included in the top forty key records of 2016  , and Anton himself was named one of the thirteen important young artists, “musicians – heroes of the generation”  .

In addition to solo works, he took part in the recording of joint compositions with Ivan Dorn and ” Pasosh ” 


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