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Atomic Simao are a force of nature, receptive to new ideas and the melding of genres.

Jazz-tinged space rockers Atomic Simao are an egalitarian force of nature, receptive to new ideas and the melding of genres. The Kiev-based band manage to weave a love of acid-jazz, break-beat, psychedelic rock, and oriental melodies – to name a few touchstones – into their powerful catchy, hypnotic whole. The child of a great wave of 60’s and get its big inspiration in electronic music of 90’s.

Atomic Simao

The band from Kiev is today one of the greatest hopes of the Ukrainian off scene. Artists in a thoughtful and interesting way combine jazz themes with the expression of improvisation, rock flair, dynamics of funky music and electronic sound.
The species in which they move include acid jazz, space rock or psychedelic. Their compositions and the way they play evoke positive associations with the achievements of Cinematic Orchestra or Tortoise, and if compared to Polish artists, they are closest to the style of Contemporary Noise Sextet. Atomic Simao has a huge potential to appear more widely on the musical map of Europe. The band consists of: Jora Valchuk – drums,Dima Dudko – saxophone, Nikita Gavrilenko – bass, Jenya Sophiychuk – guitar, Andrey Volkoff – keyboards, pads, samples, Andrey “Bart” Dvoryashin – percussion, Korg Kaoss pad, samples and vocals.

Atomic Simao are a force of nature, receptive to new ideas and the melding of genres.

Atomic Simao : Work

In October 2012, Atomic Simao gathered at the Kharkiv studio Dribben Indie Records and recorded their debut album called ” Nōdo “.In 2016, the album ” ECHO ” was released , which became the best Ukrainian LP in 2016 according to Karabas LIVE. The album was recorded in 2014 in Kharkiv, but then for a number of reasons the musicians rewrote it in 2015 in Kyiv. On April 30, 2017, the band won the national selection for the European stage of the Sziget music festival . In 2019, the album ” Levitation Loom Four ” was releasedIn 2020, the band together with other participants of the project “Sounds of Chernobyl” visited the exclusion zone . They put their impressions and reflections on the catastrophe into the intense instrumental composition “Ghost City”.

Atomic Simao are a force of nature, receptive to new ideas and the melding of genres.

Having formed just 5 years ago, today the band has already managed to release three albums, two of which were released on vinyl by the greek label Cosmic Eye Records, called “the opening of the year” at the Koktebel Jazz Festival, opened the concerts Red Snapper (three times), The Herbaliser (UK), Psychic TV (UK), received the title of “Best Underground Group of the Year” and the title “Album of the Year” in Ukraine , their tracks were released in America on the same compilation with CAN, Hawkind and Alice Cooper and also to present Ukraine at the SZIGET Festival in 2017.

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