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BELIEVE IN GOD : Hope In Dark Times – Song by Kaki And The Won Theory

A song by Singer-Songwriter-‘Kaki’ from India and Musician-‘The Won Theory’ from the UK.

‘Believe in God’, true to its name, is a song about having hope in dark times and believing in god. The song is written and sung by ‘Kaki’ from India and the amazing music for it is produced by ‘The Won Theory’ from The United Kingdom.

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Jason Uncles or The WON Theory is originally from the UK, and has been honing his production skills since 2009, and since then has begun the journey of the sound designer. He is a Music Producer generally creating music for films, video games and EDM.

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On the other hand, Kaki is a Singer-Songwriter and Performer from India. She has been practicing singing since 2012. She generally sings English, Punjabi and Bollywood.

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This song expresses the emotions of someone having hope in god. As the Lyrics says-

‘I close my eyes
Now I’m out of the chaos
He’s clearly by my side
Can’t be running all life
I need to face shit
Bitter, sour I let’em talking I believe in god

I’m afraid I’m not gonna lie
but I believe and I’ll believe in god
Running away is not my way, I’ll stand still, till I break down’

One needs to face all the problems and hate they are recieving, they can’t run all life, the hope and strength to fight is gained from within. Keeping all thoughts aside, one can see clearly how god was always there at every step of life. She accepts that she is afraid but she does not let this fact stop her from following her heart. She says she’ll fight till the very end.

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‘ I’ve gathered all the pieces to the puzzle of my life
Sould i feel bad guilty for living my life
Out of my life
Get out of my life
I’m my only angel that can change my life
I’ve reached up the sky and look what he told
I’m a Badass woman I should feel free to walk 

Believe in God
I’ll believe in god, I believe in god, I’ll be living like god’

One should never feel guilty about expressing what they want. She believes she’s the only one to change everything around her , her inner self knows that she’s proud and she should feel free to accept herself.

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‘ One’s in my life
I’ve seen the lights
Can’t close my eyes
Just to see the darkness, darkness
All alone and fighting the world
I believe and I’ll believe in god
Done with all the people
I’ll hunt em like an eagle
Figuring out why? ‘

She has experienced happiness and enlightenment once, and now she refuses to go back to darkness. Everyone is always alone when they fight, yet she refuses to accept defeat. She is angry with people and want to destroy them too like they did to her, but she seems to lack the desire and reasons to do it.

The Official Music Video for ‘Believe in God’  is yet to be released and will be Released At 9xm.tv

The Official Audio for Believe in God is released at Kaki’s YOUTUBE and IGTV channel.

CLICK HERE to listen ‘Believe In God’

Visit Kaki’s profile at :

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Visit The Won Theory’s profile at :

Talentsofworld Facebook Instagram

Watch Their Videos at 9xm.tv

The Won Theory | Kaki

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