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BIBI : Meet the Beautiful Korean artist

BIBI,whose real name is Kim Hyungseo, , rose to acclaim in the wake of being found on SoundCloud by South Korea‘s Queen of Rap, Yoon Mirae, otherwise called Tasha. (“My parents were Yoon Mirae’s fans. That’s the only reason they let me sign with them.”) She appeared in 2019 with the tune “BINU,” and it’s been high-tailing it from that point onward.


BIBI- Career

The 23-year-old R&B singer has previously won 2021 with how much open doors introduced to her: delivering her second EP Life is a Bi…. in April; partaking in the soundtrack of Shang-Chi (“Never Gonna Come Down”); marking representative arrangements for prominent brands like Levi’s, NARS and Puma; and being the freshest enroll of 88rising with a raving success getting Top 40 radioplay.

BIBI : Meet the Beautiful Korean artist

BIBI is bold and provocative, and she openly entertains the themes of sex, love and life through flirtatious vocals and witty metaphors in songwriting. If we’re talking about her stage presence, it’s best to watch her Head in the Clouds set. However, BIBI’s brand runs deeper than the art she projects to the public. Marshall Bang, a singer-songwriter and a member of Team BIBI, helps translate the musician’s story behind her pseudonym.“She’s a psycho. She’s a hot mess,” Bang explains.

BIBI : Meet the Beautiful Korean artist

 “She’s the town’s crazy girl and grew up as the insane girl that everyone picked on and bullied. And she went, lived her life, and came back to town but then now she’s transformed into this swan-like, pretty, beautiful girl.” The story takes inspiration from BIBI’s real life experience, where the once odd Kim Hyungseo transforms into BIBI for the ultimate glow-up. Hence, her debut single “BINU” serves two linguistic purposes — first, the literal translation of “soap” in Korean and second, the phrase “be new” — as a metaphor on revival and feeling fresh.

BIBI : Meet the Beautiful Korean artist

Though BIBI may not be a K-pop symbol herself — regardless of whether she has contended in icon like rivalry shows like The Fan and has composed a tune for TWICE (“More and More”) — she endeavors to have an effect yet in a manner to remind individuals that nobody truly is great and it’s OK acknowledge your blemishes. (“At the point when individuals are impacted by my music, they help me to get things done in a positive manner.”) When gotten some information about counsel on acquiring certainty, she keeps it genuine, useful, and credible.

Past her music, BIBI communicates interest in acting, as she’s considered to be normal by her group particularly with regards to her own music recordings. She references films like Wong Kar-Wai (Chungking Express), Old Boy and Kill Bill as noir-esque movies she’d very much want to be a piece of. “You know how there are great entertainers among vocalists? I’m a decent vocalist among entertainers.”

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