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GOT7 Make Victorious Comeback With ‘NANANA’

South Korean group GOT7 have returned after more than year with a spic and span eponymous EP and its lead single, “NANANA.” most memorable collection subsequent to heading out in different directions from previous organization JYP Entertainment, and marks the beginning of a brand new chapter for the group. GOT7 had previously released the singe “Encore” together in 2021, right before embarking on their solo activities.


GOT7 comeback

In a press conference held recently , members Jay B, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark, BamBam and Yugyeom opened up about the album’s creation process. “We were prepping this album since last year and we had this feeling of coming back, so I’m happy that it finally happened,” stated rapper and producer Mark. Leader, producer and vocalist Jay B added, “It feels like a dream. We had a plan, but actually making this happen… it feels like a dream.”

GOT7 Make Victorious Comeback With ‘NANANA’

The group explained sense of that in spite of the fact that they have each endorsed with various marks and were fanned out across the world, they dealt with GOT7 by means of video calls, instant messages and innumerable internet based gatherings. “We were all involved in getting the songs, picking the songs,” Jay B shared. “We had all the blind tests on the demos we’d collected and written. We all ended up picking songs that we produced.”

GOT7 Make Victorious Comeback With ‘NANANA’

Written and produced by Jay B, “NANANA” is a bright, energetic track that celebrates the group’s relationship with their fans. It’s got the classic GOT7 feel-good vibe and serves as an anthem for the fandom to celebrate the septet’s return. “This one is also for the fans,” Jay B detailed at the press conference. “(We want to be) the people that make them happy and be a healing for them. The GOT7 album really represents our appreciation for fans. It’s no different from being called IGOT7 (the fandom’s name.)”

GOT7 Make Victorious Comeback With ‘NANANA’

The song combines synth-pop, R&B and trap to deliver a sweet sense of relaxation and low-key party vibes. Rapper and producer Jackson added about the track, “It’s so GOT7. It reminded me of ‘Thursday’ and ‘Page’ where we have so much fun onstage.” The music video sees all seven members hanging out in a vibrant world flooded with pink flowers and pastel shades. They’re all smiles as they perform choreography together and encourage fans to join them in this happy escape from reality.

GOT7 Make Victorious Comeback With ‘NANANA’

While GOT7 haven’t been active in over a year, each of the members have treated audiences to solo music releases, film and drama activities, live performances, fan meetings and more. Their return as a group was announced earlier this year after Jay B revealed he had secured all their trademarks from JYP Entertainment, allowing them to keep their group and sub-unit names and officially kick off a new era and rebrand with new logos and social media accounts.

GOT7 Make Victorious Comeback With ‘NANANA’

We wanted to come back as GOT7 after JYP days and thought that rebranding is needed,” explained Jay B. “During this process, I think my self-esteem and confidence went up and drove me to properly rebrand and put out a great quality of work that we are proud of.” He further added that while the legal process wasn’t easy, he was determined to make the effort for his team and fans. “I could have done this process through a third party, but I just wanted to do it myself, talking and getting a signature from each of the members.”

GOT7 Make Victorious Comeback With ‘NANANA’

Including “NANANA,” GOT7 features a total of six tracks and is the group’s first physical album since 2021’s Breath of Love: Last Piece. All seven members have contributed to production and songwriting.

GOT7 Make Victorious Comeback With ‘NANANA’

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