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Dmitry Nesterov : The artist behind “I am 18 Again”

Dmitry Nesterov – Russian singer, songwriter, TV radio host, music award winner and participant in festivals, winner of the Alla Pugacheva Alla Seeking Talents contest, participant in the Eekhkh, Razgulyay 2017 music marathon on Channel One and radio Chanson

Dmitry Nesterov was born on August 9, 1979 in Moscow, the USSR. His mother is an economist, and his father is a famous inventor. As a child, Dmitry was interested in zoology.  Dmitry entered the Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K.A. Timiryazev. Having studied there for only a year, he entered the acting department of the Institute of Contemporary Art.  After Dmitry mastered pop vocals in GITIS. The commission was very surprised by his unusual timbre and strong bass. There, Dima met the famous musician Stas Namin, who invited him to his theater. In his third year, he has already received the main roles in the legendary musicals “Hair”, “Wedding of Jays” and “Jesus Christ is a Superstar”. In those years, Dmitry not only performed on stage, but also worked for Radio ROKS. Soon, he began to conduct his own program, thanks to which Dmitry’s velvet baritone won the hearts of listeners. At the Boris Brunov Competition, Dmitry Nesterov received an award from the hands of Valentina Tolkunova.

Dmitry Nesterov : The artist behind "I am 18 Again"

Soon Dmitry began to compose songs. After a tough selection, Dmitry won the Alla Pugacheva contest, and after his song ended up in the Russian Radio and Autoradio rotation. On the NTV television channel, Alla Borisovna called Dmitry “the secret weapon of our pop music.” Soon, Nesterov’s compositions were played on other radio stations of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries.

Dmitry Nesterov : The artist behind "I am 18 Again"

The song “Moscow Winter” hit the Billbord charts. In 2013, Dmitry received an invitation to speak at the opening of the 35th Moscow International Film Festival with the hit song “In the death car” (music by Goran Bregovich, lyrics by Iggy pop).  Also, the singer appeared on the air of NTV channel as the leading daily morning heading “5 Answers”. In the spring of 2014, he released his music video for the song “I just have to be with you.” In December 2014, the second video for the song “Hello” was released. The video is directed by Pavel Khudyakov.

In 2016, Nesterov wrote the song “I am 18 again”, which entered the top 10 of Radio Chanson and became his hallmark. The song became a hit in a short time and more than 1000 cover versions were created on it.  In 2018, Dmitry took part in the musical television project Voice 7 in the image of the character of his clip “In the death car” Vasily Pupkin.  Dmitry also recorded duets with the mentor of the Voice 7 television project –Valery Syutkin, singer Rodion Gazmanov, comedian Nikolai Bandurin and Eurovision finalists Buranovsky grandmothers.

Dmitry Nesterov : The artist behind "I am 18 Again"

 With grandmothers, Dima performed the songs “I am 18 again” and “The Great Russian Land”, “Hello”, “We wish you happiness.” Due to the popularity of the song “I am 18 again”, the voice of Dmitry was heard by the son of the great composerArno Babajanyan, Araik Arnoyevich Babajanyan, president of the Memory Fund Arno Babajanyan and invited to perform at the festival “The main thing is to serve the homeland” in the capital of ArmeniaYerevan, accompanied by the Central Military Orchestra of the Ministry of Defense Of the Russian Federation under the leadership of the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Major GeneralTimofei Konstantinovich Mayakin

Dmitry Nesterov : The artist behind "I am 18 Again"

On April 16, 2018, Dmitry Nesterov was given the official status of “Soloist of the International Fund for the Memory of Arno Babajanyan.”  In the spring of 2018, Dmitry took part and became the owner of the Audience Award of the International Festival and the acapelic singing contest “Moscow Spring A Cappella” in the solo nomination.  From the age of 15, Dmitry has been actively involved in volunteering, has been collaborating with the Gosha Kutsenko Foundation “Step Together”, Oksana Fedorova “Hurry to do good ”, “Old age in joy”, “Faith”, “Gift to the angel”. In 2017, Nesterov wrote the anthem of the Volunteers of Moscow, which later became the official anthem of MosVolonter. In 2018, Dmitry Nesterov was awarded the title Goodwill Ambassador MosVolonter of the Moscow Government.  Dmitry is currently working on his new album.

1.Dmitry Nesterov – I just have to be with you

Dmitry Nesterov : The artist behind "I am 18 Again"CLICK ON PICTURE FOR MUSIC VIDEO

2. I am 18 againDmitry Nesterov : The artist behind "I am 18 Again"

3. My girl doesn’t like football

Dmitry Nesterov : The artist behind "I am 18 Again"




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