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Elexis Ansley : American actress | Recording artist | singer-songwriter

Elexis Ansley is an American actress and Billboard-charting recording artist, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She is known for her lead role as Georgia Walker in the short film “Blood Debt.”She was born on April 14, 1986 in West Palm Beach, Florida. She is the daughter of Jennifer, a Vietnamese American interior decorator and Hugh, a pastor in Columbia, Maryland where she was raised.

Elexis Ansley : American actress | Recording artist | singer-songwriter

At the age of 3, Elexis discovered her talent for singing and at age of 9 she began her formal music education as a flutist from Florida state university in Tallahassee . And soon after she earned a bachelor’s degree in music, she found inspiration in theater, film and TV. She studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York. and she’s since featured in the films Role Prey, Devil by the Horns, and Blood Debt.She has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Florida International University and a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science from The University of Sedona.

Elexis Ansley : American actress | Recording artist | singer-songwriter

In May of 2018 Elexis met screenwriter and producer, Gene Sibbett, and shortly thereafter she was cast in the feature film, “Role Prey” as Olivia, the aunt of the films protagonist.

Her versatility allows her to pull in elements from pop, R&B, jazz, and EDM when she composes her music.Elexis has released singles “Weekend Lover”, “Spinning,” “Way Up,” “One Life,” and “Light Shower.” Club banger “One Life” spent 10 weeks in its Billboard residency and peaked at number 16. The song’s accompanying music video addresses addiction, hate, abuse and deliverance from toxicity. Elexis chose to tune “One Life”, “Way Up”, and “Light Shower” to 432 Hz, a frequency said to create resonance in the spiritual, physical, and emotional body.

Elexis Ansley : American actress | Recording artist | singer-songwriter

For the enchanting production of “Way Up,” Elexis chose Ecuador for it’s soaring mountain peaks so she could literally be “all the way up”. While there, she even found time to do an interview on the nationally-broadcast show “En Corto” where she conversed in Spanish with ease. Elexis’ goddess-like aura and angelic voice add an ethereal undertone to her work. This is best captured in her pop single “Light Shower,” released in March of 2019. In it, Elexis neutralizes negativity by harnessing the power of her radiance. She staves off anything that attempts to dull her vibrance or steer her off her path.

Elexis Ansley : American actress | Recording artist | singer-songwriter

she inspired a lot of people when she has opened up about her journey of losing over 100 lbs in her documentaryLosing Weight, Gaining Awareness, an experience that has led her to be an advocate for positive body image.

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