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Exclusive: Major Lazer and King to headline VH1 Supersonic 2024

Come February, and Major Lazer, a project by DJ-music producer Diplo, Ape Drums, Diplo and Walshy Fire, will be bringing a blend of mainstream electronic and hip-hop music beats to India for a performance at the upcoming edition of EDM fest Vh1 Supersonic.

The ninth edition of the multi-genre music and lifestyle festival will be held in Pune from February 16 to February 17

The ninth edition of the multi-genre music and lifestyle festival will be held in Pune from February 16 to February 17. This year, the music festival will be headlined by Major Lazer and King, with DJ Diplo performing separately at one of the after parties one day as well, starting the party with his trademark electro, dancehall, dubstep and trap beats.

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The gig marks the return of Major Lazer post the Covid-19 crisis. The American group has forged a special bond with India through their several performances in India in the past, and by capturing various moods of the country through their work. They last performed in India in 2016.

Talking about performing at the festival, King says, “I’m thrilled to bring my energy and music to such an iconic stage. The festival has been an iconic one in the Indian music festival circuit, and I can’t wait to finally be a part of it and share this unforgettable moment with my fans. I can’t wait to create some special memories with everyone out there… It’s going to be a whole lot of fun.”

The edition has a mix of international as well as homegrown artists. The electronic music festival is curated by DJ Nikhil Chinapa.

The other artists expected to perform at the event include names such as Adam Beyer, Hamdi, The Midnight, Yotto, The Yellow Diary and Taba Chake. “We’re back, as promised. And we’re never leaving you again. As we build towards our 10th edition next year, we open our gates again to welcome back friends and fans for our 9th edition in 2024,” Chinapa says.

Last year, the multi-genre festival returned after two years since the coronavirus pandemic. It was headlined by Rockabye fame singer Anne-Marie, Nigerian singer-songwriter Chukwuka Ekweani, who goes by the stage name as CKay, known for Love Nwantiti, Prateek Kuhad, rapper French Montana, Farhan Akhtar, Oaff and Savera, and Bob Moses.

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  1. Major Lazer, the electronic music project led by DJ and music producer Diplo, is set to perform at the upcoming Vh1 Supersonic EDM festival in Pune, India, in February. This marks their return to India after their last performance in 2016. Major Lazer has a special connection with India and is known for blending mainstream electronic and hip-hop music. The festival, now in its ninth edition, will also feature other international and homegrown artists and promises to be a memorable event for music enthusiasts. The festival is curated by DJ Nikhil Chinapa and will run from February 16 to February 17. 🎶🎉 #MajorLazer #Vh1Supersonic #EDMfest

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