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Tripti Shakya: Ayodhya never looked so beautiful before

Singer Tripti Shakya is having the best time in Ayodhya currently as she has back to back performances ahead of the inauguration day. “My performance was good, I received an amazing response. The whole vibe here is divine, Ayodhya has never looked so beautiful ever before. It is beyond imagination,” she shares.

tripti shakya in ram mandir ayodhya

It was the happiest moment for the singer when she got opportunity to sing there. “I was so happy when I got to know I have to perform there on such an auspicious occasion. For any artist, it is such a blessing to perform in Ayodhya. I sang all the devotional songs, starting with the bhajan Avadh Kare Abhinandan, followed by my own song – Raj Tilak Hoga and then Ram Aaye Hain and Kabhi Ram Banke Kabhi Shyaam Banke,” Shakya tells us and continues, “All the performances were about singing bhajans and songs on that day (19th). I have another live performance on the 20th for Doordarshan. I cannot be here for the inauguration, because I am performing somewhere else on the 22nd.”

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Mentioning about the huge importance this occasion holds, the singer expresses, “After making efforts and waiting for 500 years, this day has finally come. It’s a matter of great happiness and pride. It is like a dream come true for everyone. Each and every Ram devotee is so happy and I am too because I feel that I am a part of all this. I have been singing Ram Bhajans for years. Ram ji ne sunn li aur vo toh agaye, ab Krishna ji bhi Mathura mai aise hi bhaagya roop mai ayenge ek din.”

She recently released a Ram Bhajan Avadh Kare Abhinandan on Jai Shri Ram Youtube Channel by Ultra Music dedicated to celebrate the grand launch of Shri Ram mandir. What kind of response is she receiving for it? “Iske lyrics and composition bahut sundar hai, everyone is liking it. Moreover, it is absolutely suitable for this occasion, everyone is welcoming Prabhu Ram ji. The song has been released absolutely at the right moment,” she answers.

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  1. Singer Tripti Shakya is elated to be performing in Ayodhya ahead of the inauguration day for the Ram Mandir. She described the divine atmosphere in Ayodhya and expressed her happiness at being part of such an auspicious occasion. Tripti Shakya sang devotional songs, including her own song “Raj Tilak Hoga” and “Ram Aaye Hain,” during her performances. She emphasized the significance of this historic event, which has been awaited for 500 years, and how it brings joy and pride to Ram devotees. Tripti also released a Ram Bhajan titled “Avadh Kare Abhinandan” dedicated to the grand launch of the Ram Mandir, receiving a positive response from listeners. 🎶🙏 #TriptiShakya #RamMandir #Ayodhya

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