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Flèche Love : An arrow straight to heart and they never miss.

Flèche Love: Singer-Songwriter

Flèche Love : An arrow straight to heart and they never miss.


Amina Cadelli, also known by their stage name Flèche Love, is a singer-songwriter and producer, Swiss of Algerian origin, and was born in Geneva on March 30, 1990. Flèche Love aims at the heart. Amina Cadelli heals their wounds through the powerful songs they write and produce.

Their voice sometimes angry, sometimes crystalline, recognizable among a thousand, says all about its strength and its fragilities on an electronic soul with a spiritual aim, deeply marked by the imprint of jazz, R’n’B ‘, and hip hop. It is an arrow of any wood, the one from which we sculpt singular, bewitching, magnetic artists. Between shadow and light, West, East, and Latin America, Flèche Love traces their path with the energy pegged to the body of the sublime pioneers of today.

Amina Cadeli was the lead singer of the Swiss band Kadebostany, who performed on the main stages of Eurosonic 2014 and many other European festivals, they were also the voice behind Castle in the Snow, the hot single by French producer The Avener. They are now back with a new project mixing electronic beats and R&B. As Flèche Love they have raised the bar by collaborating with acclaimed electronic artists like Rone and impressing crowds at festivals like Printemps de Bourges and the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Flèche Love

Flèche Love-Early Life

Their mother is a computer economist of Berber origin and their father, also a computer scientist is Swiss. Their little sister, Anissa, is the singer of the band Bandit Voyage. During their studies at the Moser school in Geneva, they discovered the harpsichord and baroque music and took lessons at the conservatory. then began to sing jazz tunes in bars where they were introduced to improvisation.

then began studies in ethnology and religious sciences at the University of Neuchâtel where they were particularly interested in gender studies and post-colonial thought, but abandoned studies before diploma to join the Kadebostany group in 2011, after having met this group at the bar Le Chat noir, in Geneva.

Flèche Love : An arrow straight to heart and they never miss.


Between the end of 2011 and the end of 2015, Amina Cadelli was singer and lyricist for the group Kadebostany, singing, and rapping. they notably write the lyrics to the songs Castle in the snow, Mind if I stay and Jolan.

Flèche Love : An arrow straight to heart and they never miss.

Solo Career

In 2015, left the Kadebostany group and set up their own solo project called Flèche Love the following year. then released their first clip in June 2017, with the song Umusunafor which collaborates with the French musician Rone. they use their songs to defense of minorities and people victims of discrimination as in her title Sisters, released in April 2018, composed on a text by the African-American poet Audre Lorde. The music video for the song is described by chEEk magazine as an ode to sorority.

Their music mixes many musical influences (jazz, baroque music, oriental music, rap), but also various cultural influences such as Sufi spirituality and Japanese culture. For the writing of their texts, uses automatic writing. It seeks to mix spiritualities and cultures in a way that is not purely decorative, but awareness-raising and educational. It aims to evoke spirituality, the universal through the diversity of experiences and potentiality.

Flèche Love : An arrow straight to heart and they never miss.

In July 2018, performs in concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival and in April 2018and 2019 at Printemps de Bourges. In December 2018, gives a conference within the framework of TEDxPlaceDesNationsWomen at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. Their first album under the name Flèche Love, Naga, Pt. 1, was released in March 2019 under the Musique Sauvage label. She mentions, in particular, Camille Claudel,Kurt Gödel,Reyhaneh Jabbarior the Indian goddess kali.

Clouds (kazy Lambist Prod) ‎(CD, Single, Promo)


Umusuna ‎(CD, Maxi, Promo)



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