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Red-Carpet Looks From the 66th Grammy Awards

Musicians are a colorful crowd, and as the Recording Academy doesn’t hesitate to remind audiences at every opportunity, the Grammys are “music’s biggest night.” So it may be little surprise that previous Grammys red carpets have been the site of such unforgettable looks as Cardi B swanning about in archival Mugler and Shania Twain cosplaying as Toad. Then there are the moments with a capital M: egg as entry vessel, for instance, or a neckline so low it inspired its own search engine.

While the arrivals for the 66th Grammy Awards, held on Sunday in Los Angeles, had much to live up to, several of the night’s most nominated artists, including SZA and Billie Eilish, have demonstrated track records on the red carpet.

Here’s what the stars wore to make their entrance.

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