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“Introducing Canadian Rapper Blow Flyy”

“The only thing this song doesn’t have is a long runtime, but that’s what the repeat button is for! { “Blood N Honey”}

Rap/hip-hop music Globally occupies a prominent position in black culture & most of the cultural movements in Canada the United States, the UK, and beyond, having first matured into a genre of innovation and diversity, to eventually evolve into a discipline with its own set of rules and benchmarks, so as to attain and push the boundaries of technical mastery. But, as with every other genre in music, the rules, more often than not, are meant to be tweaked with the sole intent to strike a chord at the emotional epicenter of the listener (often paving the way to new sub-genres). Of course, those who’ve mastered the rules first can afford to effortlessly break them without at all sounding out of place. And one such strikingly unique example, where the rules are simultaneously revered and tweaked to great effect, is provided by Independent Canadian rapper @Blow_Flyy, courtesy of his unique brand of hip-hop rap music penned solely by his own hand. This introduction to #Blow_flyy with his song “Bleed 4 You” serves as a great introduction to this artist’s Unique sound of a Mixture of old-school rap sounds with the new, Hence creating his own Unique sound different from what’s played on mainstream radio & music platforms today. A splendidly soulful with a touch of Funk display, this song is richly textured across both the vocals and instrumental elements featured within. From listening to this song you will get a great feel for what #Blow_Flyy’s music is all about while simultaneously being able to vibe along with an emotive track. “Bleed 4 You” is reminiscent of the sound, back in the day first brought forth by the late Great “Heavy D” and the Boys”; [ “Bleed 4 You” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsSMazRM5zw]

This Next track by #Blow_Flyy is “All That She Wants” from his album “Born to Dream”. From the outset, this track is brimming with melody, both in the exceptionally hooky chorus and through Blow_Flyy’s awesome rap bars. What Blow_flyy Fans & listeners enjoy the most about this song is that even though this artist strays away from convention with his lyrical style, he still presents his music in a melodic fashion that is incredibly easy to enjoy as a complete package in terms of both lyrical meaning and presentation.[“All That She Wants” [ https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x84mb3v  ]

This  3rd track from #Blow_flyy is “For the Love” which is also from Born to Dream and is definitely a passion piece. Through this song, Blow_Flyy walks his Fans & listeners through his love of music, trying to grow his career, and how his focus on music has an effect on his personal relationships. Although “For the Love” is a short song, it says a lot in its brief runtime and this song especially serves as a meaningful example of this artist’s lyrical storytelling technique.[“Fore The Love”  [https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8m5q2q ]

This 4th song from #Blow_flyy off of his album “Born to Dream”, the song “To The Starz”, this song is quite special. Taking the role of an inspirational speaker, Blow_Flyy speaks about following his own dreams and encourages listeners to do the same. Again, this artist’s signature storytelling lyrical approach is on display and this song hits extremely hard in all the right ways;  #Blow_Flyy is emotive and inspirational, and the way that the vocals and backing track pair in this song is absolutely perfect. [“To The Starz” [ https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x84mbgy ]

This 5th track from #Blow_flyy, his album “Born to Dream”, this one titled “We Both Dreamers” feels like a mission statement from this record. Of all of Blow_Flyy’s songs that reviewers listen to & review, this one seems to be their favorite instrumental backing track – from the start, listeners will find themselves hooked in and engaged. The rap flow featured in this song is also incredibly strong, matching the melodic hook provided by the instrumental, really making this one strong from top to bottom. [“We Both Dreamers” https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x84ovxf ]

The last track from #Blow_flyy we Present to you today is “Blood N Honey” which is an absolute “Banger”! of a track. Quick-hitting and full of energy, this is one of the Hottest songs from Blow_Flyy to date and it really shows music listeners (potential blow_flyy fans) & his current fans why Blow_ Flyy is such a special artist. A truly unique aspect of this song is the spoken-word portion with an inspirational speech about “thinking outside of the Box“. The only thing this song doesn’t have is a long runtime, but that’s what the repeat button is for! { “Blood N Honey” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBJlQGPOOoY ]

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