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Jinsol Woo: The Fearless Fusion of Fashion and Music

In the dynamic landscape of Korean music and fashion, few individuals manage to carve a niche as unique and versatile as Jinsol Woo.

In the dynamic landscape of Korean music and fashion, few individuals manage to carve a niche as unique and versatile as Jinsol Woo. Known to many as the genius founder and creative director behind the rising jewelry and clothing brand OHTNYC, Woo has recently ventured into the realm of music, leaving an indelible mark with his debut EP, "Attachment."

Unlike most figures in the Korean music community, my introduction to Jinsol Woo came by chance on Spotify. It was a regular day of exploring the expansive world of K-R&B when his debut single, "Internet Love," captivated my senses on a playlist. This chance encounter led me down a rabbit hole of research, unveiling Woo as a multifaceted artist who seamlessly juggles between the realms of fashion and music.
Woo's 2023 debut EP, "Attachment," is a daring fusion of R&B, synthpop, Jersey club, rock, and trap—a combination that one might expect from an artist with years of experience. The audacity to blend such diverse genres on a single EP pays off, establishing Woo as an artist to watch in the competitive K-R&B space. The EP not only showcases his musical prowess but also channels the sleek retro-future aesthetic of the early 2000s, aligning perfectly with the current Y2K trend in both music and fashion.

What's truly astonishing is that music is a relatively recent venture for Woo. Despite this, "Attachment" resonates as a mature and complex work, defying expectations and solidifying his position as a formidable newcomer in the music scene. In an exclusive conversation with Rolling Stone India, Woo sheds light on his fearless approach to life and art.
Fearlessness seems to be a recurring theme in Woo's journey. From walking away from prestigious roles at luxury brands like Calvin Klein and Helmut Lang to establish his own brand, OHTNYC, to venturing into music, Woo embraces challenges with unwavering confidence. He views failure as an opportunity for growth, a philosophy that has propelled OHTNYC to become a favorite among global celebrities.
The intertwining of Woo's fashion and music ventures adds a unique layer to his creative expression. The connection between the jewelry worn in his music videos and the subsequent merchandise released through OHTNYC, worn by artists like Doja Cat, ATEEZ, and Stray Kids, creates a symbiotic relationship between his artistic endeavors. For Woo, music serves as a form of escape from his hectic schedule, allowing him to enjoy the pure process of creation without the burden of financial expectations.
One fascinating aspect of Woo's musical journey is his background in playing the violin. Having dedicated a decade to this instrument during his childhood, the violin holds a special place in his heart. The inclusion of a violin solo on "Take It Slow" not only adds a surprising element to the track but also reflects Woo's commitment to honoring his musical roots. Excitingly, Woo plans to further integrate the violin into his future compositions and live performances.

Looking ahead, Woo reveals that he has three upcoming songs ready for release, each exploring different styles. From alternative to K-pop with a DPR sound, and even a cover of Dhruv's "Double Take" with a drill and R&B twist, Woo's willingness to experiment is palpable. Two more songs in the works feature rock and roll elements, showcasing his determination to find the sound that resonates best with his audience.
In the ever-evolving landscape of Korean music and fashion, Jinsol Woo stands as a beacon of creativity and fearlessness. Whether through the edgy designs of OHTNYC or the genre-defying sounds of "Attachment," Woo continues to leave an indelible mark, and his journey is undoubtedly one to watch as he fearlessly paves his way through the intersection of fashion and music.

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