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JONY, Russian singer-songwriter

Jahid Afrail oglu Huseynli, known by his stage name JONY, is a Russian singer-songwriter who gained prominence for his unique musical style and catchy songs. Born on February 29, 1996, in Baku, Azerbaijan, he moved to Moscow with his family at the age of 4. His early exposure to music came when he joined the school choir in first grade, where his impressive vocals caught the attention of his teachers.

JONY, Russian singer-songwriter

Throughout his school years, Jony’s passion for music continued to grow. By the time he reached the ninth grade, he had already made the decision to pursue a career in music. However, his father, who desired him to become a businessman, didn’t initially support this choice. Despite this, Jony enrolled in the State University of Management, studying International Business, but his heart was not fully invested in his studies.

After completing his Master’s degree, Jony felt a strong calling to pursue music professionally. He approached his father with the request to allow him to follow his passion. The artist reflected on this decision, emphasizing his determination not to admit defeat if things didn’t work out as planned. This determination marked the beginning of his journey towards a musical career.

JONY, Russian singer-songwriter

While still a university student, Jony began posting cover versions of popular songs on his Instagram profile. His talent was noticed by Elman Zeynalov (El’man), who invited him to join the RAAVA Music team. Jony’s collaboration with the team led to the release of several original songs, including “Empty Glass,” “Friend Zone,” “Star,” “Alley,” and “I’m Not Me Without You” (featuring HammAli & Navai). The music video for “Alley” garnered over 100 million views on YouTube, propelling Jony to online fame.

JONY, Russian singer-songwriter

One of Jony’s breakthrough songs was “Comet,” released in September 2019, which quickly climbed to the top of the Apple Music charts and became his signature track. In 2020, he released the album “Heavenly Roses,” featuring successful tracks like “You are merciless,” “The world has gone crazy,” “You bet,” and “It rains outside the window.”

By 2021, Jony had decided to take his career in a new direction by pursuing a solo path. He parted ways with RAAVA Music to embark on this journey.

JONY, Russian singer-songwriter

Interestingly, Jony’s stage name was inspired by the cartoon character “Johnny Bravo.” His mother playfully started calling him “Jony” due to his affinity for the character, and the nickname stuck. He embraced this moniker and even used it during his school days to help his classmates remember his name.

Jony’s story exemplifies the determination to follow one’s passion and overcome challenges in pursuit of a creative career. His music resonated with audiences, particularly his catchy songs and unique style. His journey from being a university student to a successful musician reflects the power of pursuing one’s dreams and staying true to oneself.

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