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Kanye West shares semi-nude video of wife Bianca Censori despite facing backlash

So continues the streak of more and more bizarre videos featuring Kanye West‘s wife Bianca Censori. Only this time, she’s not alone as she finds company with a good number of clones around her.

Kanye West posts a risque video of wife Bianca Censori on Instagram on Thursday.(Instagram)

The 46-year-old rapper has done it again. Following a long series previously shared or gone viral scandalous content, West took to his Instagram account to post yet another video of his wife Bianca on his stories.

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The latest video depicts the 29-year-old Australian architect in nude display, sporting a sheer bodysuit. Several scantily-clad clones surround her walking around in circles, almost making the whole visual look computerized. All lookalikes are seen donning the exact same look as her, as they too wear white fluffy boots.

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More about Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori

Known as “an architect for her husband’s Yeezy brand”, Bianca Censori has been incessantly used by Kanye to publicize the shoe line. The rapper married her last year, and has since been in the news on multiple occasions for bringing outrageous displays to light.

Watch the video here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-13038207/Kanye-West-shares-latest-sizzling-video-braless-wife-Bianca-Censori-sheer-bodysuit-surrounded-clones-plug-Yeezy.html

This recently posted video on his Instagram followed suit after a previously shared post. The former post too shared a similarly risque picture of Bianca in a sheer Yeezy tank top and thong. After making that photo public, Kanye deleted all posts from his account. However, the mortifying video promoting his clothing line is still up on his profile along with two other Instagram stories of a model wearing a Yeezy shirt.

Also once an active user of Instagram, Censori was also reportedly subjected to a social media ban by her husband. He has seemingly convinced Bianca that he’s suggested this imposition for her “protection” and as a means to maintain an air of mystery around her.

Kanye was also in the news a dew days ago when he was caught snatching a phone from a TMZ paparazzi as a reaction to being asked if his Bianca had any free will. This comes after the never-ending tide of rumors suggesting that Kanye has been controlling her.

Joining the now-common tactic of promotions by wiping out his Instagram grid, Kanye is possibly beckoning the arrival of his upcoming music release. He’ll be collaborating with Ty Dolla $ign under the duo banner ¥$ for their debut album Vultures. Its first edition is scheduled to release on February 9, 2024.

Netizens slam Kanye West for sharing ‘degrading’ photos of wife

Netizens have often found Kanye’s posts featuring his wife quite disturbing. Despite facing endless bouts of backlash, the rapper has continued to do what suits his narrative. In response to the now-deleted picture, an X (formerly Twitter) user highlighted how they found these pics of Bianca “extremely sad”.

Additionally, the comments under the old post also became a hub for this discussion. Some claimed to have been “creeped out” by this theme of posts, while others called it “disgusting”.

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