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Klava Koka : singer-songwriter from Russia creating history

Klava Koka, an ordinary girl in a short time not only achieved incredible popularity but also joined the Black Star label, created by rapper Timati.

 Klava Koka is a talented artist who proved nothing is impossible, an ordinary girl in a short time not only achieved incredible popularity but also joined the Black Star label, created by rapper Timati. And this even though the style of her music is completely different from the usual recitations of the Black Star participants.

Childhood and youth

 Klavdiya Vysokova (better known as Klava Koka) was born on July 23, 1996 in Yekaterinburg .The artist’s family includes her parents, brother, and sister.

From childhood, the future star was surrounded by good music: his father collected records. In the Vysokovs’ home collection, one could find Frank Sinatra, Queen, Beatles. Therefore, already in childhood, she herself wanted to master a musical instrument.So Klava got into a music school, choosing a piano class. She also showed strong vocal abilities. Everyone noticed the talent right away, and soon she toured Russia and abroad as part of the Yekaterinburg jazz choir.

klava koka

Klava Koka in childhood

When she was 12 years old, the Vysokov family moved to the capital. There she did not miss a single chance to show abilities. Klava participated in numerous competitions and auditions and even worked as a singer in a Moscow restaurant. Her perseverance and self-confidence soon yielded results. Koka recorded the video for the song “Cuz I See” and uploaded the clip to the Internet and the recording instantly became popular.


The first songs that gave Claudia popularity were performed with a guitar. It is noteworthy that the girl mastered not only the guitar and piano but also other instruments – flute, ukulele, and even percussion.Klava continued to record compositions and cover versions of popular songs, winning more and more fans. And in 2015, the girl released her debut disc called “Cousteau”. The album includes tracks in the style of country and pop.The first disc was successful, however, like every creative person, Klava wanted more. In the same year, she went to the casting of a music show. 

Klava gathered in Egypt, where she was offered the place of the singer. But at the last moment, she found out about the Young Blood project, organized by Timati and the Black Star team. Judges have become very Timothy, as well as rapper Nathan (Natan), CEO of the label Pasha and Viktor Abramov, Director of Development.Later, she admitted that the judges of the contest impressed her. According to Klava, the jury tried to find something individual in each performer and did not try on the same framework for everyone. Also, experienced musicians advised novice artists, helping to adjust the style and prepare the performance.

At first, she was worried that with country-style songs it would turn out to be inappropriate among rappers, but the judges reacted to the performance of Klava with interest. As a result, the singer’s cherished dream came true: with Klava Koka, as well as Dana Sokolova and Scrooge (Eduard Vygranovsky) they signed a contract. Artists became part of the Black Star labelNew compositions were not long in coming: soon the listeners got acquainted with the song “May”, then “Don’t Let Go” and a duet with the most famous person of the country Olga Buzova called “If” appear.

The most popular Claudia’s songs include a cover of the single for the popular advertisement “The Feast Comes to Us”, relevant before the New Year, another cover of “Rose Wine” (for the song by Eljey and Feduk ), as well as “Fly Away” (song of rapper T-Fest ). In 2017, she pleased the fans with the video “I’m tired” (shot with Yegor Creed ), the romantic story “There is no time” and the video for the song “I’m sorry”, shot outdoors. Also, the popular songs are “Where are you?”, “I fell in love” (a cappella performed), “Goosebumps”, “Slowly” (the second name is “Desposito”, this composition by Luis Fonsi Klava performs in Russian, Spanish and English )

The performer did not refuse television projects. So, in November 2017, the singer pleased the fans with the appearance of TNT on the program “ Where is the logic ”. In 2018, she became the host of Eagle and Tails. Sea season. ” Then travel in a duet with Kolya Sergey through the picturesque places of the planet. Then she starred in another season dedicated to the cities of Russia. Also, she recorded the song “Get Stronger”, which took the place of the official soundtrack for the 3rd season of the show “ Boys ” on the TV channel “Friday”. Then the premiere of the video “I Hate, I Adore.”

Again, the organizers of the show invited Koku to cooperate in 2019. The track “Re-started” in the “Boys” of the 4th season completely sounded several times, in the most touching and difficult moments for the heroines. Then Klava participated in the recording of a new song by Yegor Creed “Sins”.

In the summer of 2019, Koki fans were able to enjoy the new work. The track was released and clips called “Zaya” were released, in the video, a great emphasis was placed on the visuals and the costumes themselves. The video was directed by Alina German, who is also a professional stylist, and she was engaged in the selection of costumes for Klava and dancers. 

The blog

Simultaneously with the career of the singer, Klava Koka began to lead the YouTube channel as a blogger. But she assures that her blog did not exist separately, and throughout all the time supported her musical creativity. This applies to headings and vlogs about concert life. Over time, she became less and less happy with new videos, but she didn’t plan to leave the channel completely.


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