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Max Barskih : Singer | Songwriter

Nikolay Nikolayevich Bortnik, popularly known as Max Barskih is an Ukrainian pop singer and songwriter.

Max Barskih – Singer/Lyricist

Max Barskih
Max Barskih

A young Ukrainian singer working in Russian language, he successfully navigates a tense pop territory. Nikolay Nikolayevich Bortnik,  popularly known as Max Barskih is an Ukrainian pop singer and songwriter. Max was born on March 8, 1990 in the city of Kherson,ukraine. After high school, he moved to Kiev where he enrolled in the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Variety Arts with specialization in “pop vocal”.

Max Barskih rose to fame in Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries in 2008 as participant of the Ukrainian talent show “Fabrika Zirok 2″. In 2010, Max Barskih was nominated the best performer on the Ukrainian version of MTV Europe Music Awards.Max Barskih also had his acting debut in 2010, when he starred in Lara Fabian’s musical feature film Mademoiselle Zhivago (that was published in 2013).Max composes the music and writes the lyrics of his songs himself and was also nominated at the 2019 Russian National Music Awards for “Lyricist of the Year”, and partly also does the producing.Most of his songs are in Russian,but he has also sung in Ukrainian like “Небо”and “Двоє” and in English like Z.Dance” and “Silence” .

Max Barskih
Max Barskih

Max throughout his career has worked closely with the Ukrainian director Alan Badoev, who has directed most of his music videos. Barskih’s videos have gained popularity in the CIS nations. The director preferred to use a variety of visual effects in order to gain such popularity such as in the song “Lost in Love | Теряю тебя” which was released in 3D format in the CIS nations.In August 9 of 2011, Max Barskih was named “Singer of the Year” at the annual award ceremony of the “Crystal Microphone”.

In 2012, he entered the Eurovision Song Contest Auditions for Ukraine with the English version of his song ‘Dance’ but inevitably lost to Gaitana who represented Ukraine in Baku with her song ‘Be My Guest’.

Max Barskih
Max Barskih

Max was also nominated in the category “Creative Person/Group of the Year” at RU.TV Awards, which took place on September 29, but failed to win the award.

Max  has a huge number of tracks that have become real blockbusters: “SL”, “Agoniya”, “Sertse Bjotsa”, “Teryayu Tebya”, “Glaza-ubiytsy”, “Podruga-Noch”, “Po Freydu”, “Tumany”, “Sdelay gromche”, “Hochu tantsevat”, “Berega”… Each of the compositions is a personal story, which the artist shared in a certain life period.Max Barskih’s Lives are world-class quality shows. Ultramodern technologies, creative solutions on all fronts, favorite megahits and exclusively performed songs from the new album.Bright, powerful and… damn want to dance and sing along! Nothing can convey the atmosphere of “live” performances of the artist, when everything happens here and now. It is worth to check out!

Max Barskih
Max Barskih

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