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Naalayak – The Band

Naalayak is a four-piece indie rock band from Chandigarh, known for their explosive live acts and pumping music.


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Defined by its enchanting stage persona, Nalayak- The Band is an emerging, first – of – its kind, independent rock band from Chandigarh. Applauded for the crazy acts and stupefying live performances, Nalayak’s music gently teases the bizarreness of the “Modern Society”.

New Delhi/Chandigarh rock band Naalayak has been hot on the college festival and club circuit across the country for a few years now. Since 2015, the band brought arena-rock to big stages and also released their first album — Main Ka Bukhar.

The alternative Hindi Rock band was formed on 21 October 2015. They have not started the band just to make music for money, but to bring change in the Indian music scene. When asked why they chose the work “Nalayak” for their band, they said, 

Nalayak” – this tag has been with us since school and college days. Back then, we often used to hear that “ Padh lo kuch ban jao ge, varna Nalayak reh jao gey.”

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But for them achieving their dreams and passions were more important than just academic degrees. So, they openly accepted the tag “Nalayak” and molded it as their incredible strength with sheer hard work and determination.”

Comprising of Sahil Samuel (Vocals), Akshat Kakar (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Garry Singh Arora (drums) and Aashish Kalanta (bass), Hindi rock quartet Naalayak from Chandigarh arrived to redefine the music scene for the young and reckless and their growing popularity at leading college and music fests stands as a testament to their craft.

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The band has just released four tracks out of a nine-songs compilation titled, ‘Hindi Gaane’ across leading music platforms to help in securing much of the cost incurred in its making. Having spent a whopping 9.9 lakhs in its production, the band, whose elaborate release plans with music videos and the works were foiled by the outbreak of a global pandemic, decided to release a sizeable chunk of their labor of love in order to stay connected with their listeners.

As is the case with all artists in the current coronavirus pandemic, they’ve had shows come to a complete halt, which leaves a big question mark in terms of band income. Drummer Garry Singh Arora tells us that they’re “trying to ensure the longevity” of making and releasing music to fans and it’s become especially important in these times. It’s part of why the first four songs off their next record Hindi Gaane — “Mustafa,” “Nasamajh,” “Befikre” and “Dil-Ae-Raza” — have all been released exclusively via digital music platform, OK Listen before it gets distributed to streaming outlets. Arora says, “Primarily, what we’ve come to see in the years we have been active is that the culture of purchase of music has changed and changed drastically.”

He adds that the band hopes to not just give their fans optimism by releasing music in the time of an uncertain pandemic, but also “change the standard by holding our own” amongst artists by “placing a minuscule fee on our singles.” The songs are on sale for Rs 25 each. 

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