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Samantha Margret : Empowering Women

Samantha Margret : Empowering Women

Samantha Margret writes music for the girl who wants to own her her set of experiences, her body, and her sentiments.

Samantha Margret

After her debut hit single, “Feminist gf” turned out in the Fall of 2020, singer-songwriter Samantha Margret  has been working diligently, composing and creating a small bunch of singles that she’s more than prepared to impart to the world. Samantha Margret writes music for the girl who wants to own her her set of experiences, her body, and her sentiments.

Samantha MargretHer ballads tell stories aboutacknowledgment and exhibit her profound voice, and her pop melodies are not terrified of a great time. She tries to never write the same song twice, and is always up for a giggle. As she grew up in San Francisco, Samantha took to poetry and songwriting. She immediately educated by replicating Sara Bareilles melodies on the piano at school, and by composing tunes as opposed to heading outside.

Samantha Margret : Empowering Women

Samantha spent the past year focusing on writing and recording but prior to quarantine she could often be found performing at local music venues in the bay area where she’s from originally. With new music and a forthcoming EP on the horizon, Samantha’s gearing up for a big year ahead.

The soulful sounds of Samantha Margret’s new single, “Reliable” reveal a softer, more vulnerable side that will surely pull-on heart strings more than ever before. Her carefully crafted lyrics and tender vocals will send chills down your spine and leave you wanting perhaps just a little bit more. Samantha elaborates on how the song itself came to fruition, “Sometimes I have an experience, and, afterwards, I think to myself, ‘I should write a song about that.’ ‘Reliable’ was the other way around. I finished writing and realized, ‘oh, I’m going through something.’ Music can be really pure that way. It comes from this part of you that hasn’t been cognitively processed yet—just feelings made tangible.”

Samantha Margret : Empowering Women

Beginning with the lines “why do I care if everybody likes me/if the checkout girl think that I’m eating healthy?,” , Samantha Margret  single, “Self Disrespect” is a stark look at 21st century self-hate. Over menacing bass synths and finger snapped beat, Margret sings about daily struggles with body image, self-worth, and confidence. She said of the song: “we need more music about being on the journey toward self love and still looking in the mirror some mornings with old patterns of negativity repeating in our head.”

RAGE” leads this 5-track project with its initial single release on the same day Roe vs. Wade was overturned in the US. Followed by “Lucky Interlude,” a piano filled piece that connects perfectly to the next song, “Fools Gold,” which talks about finding yourself and self-love with beautiful consistent harmonies. Furthermore, is previously released song, “Self Disrespect” and wraps up with a ballad, “Joan of the Arc,” that captures and ends perfectly with this quote:

Shame poured from the crack in the refrigerator door
It wet the tile in pale light
Slick and sugary
She washed her feet in it
Ragе crimsoned the pool
And she wantеd more

Samantha Margret : Empowering Women

Through her striking and personal lyrics, Samantha Margret is on her way to stardom through this EP and we cannot wait for what’s to come in her near future!

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