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Sarah Bee : Star of The B-Girls

Sarah Bee, a 26 year old *Dancer-Choreographer-Dance Teacher* ,lives in The northern part of France in a town called Chenôve.

Sarah Bee, a 26 year old hip hop dancer lives in The northern part of France in a town called Chenôve. Originally from Algeria, Sarah Bee takes pride in representing and defending her roots!

A the age of 12, she started hip hop dancing with the Figure2Style dancing team squad ( Top dances : Hip hop/Newstyle, Hype, House, Toprock and Breakdance ).

At the age of 17 she leaves the school benches to be able to dance to the fullest.

83804213 138398113967353 6853971474736313350 nToday Sarah Bee goes around the world sharing her passion for dancing at different levels . She takes part and wins many competitions at an international level
She is often invited to come and judge Breakdance competition (Korea, Brazil, Tunisia, Venezuela, ect…).

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She teaches and gives workshops to a crowd from all around the world and of various ages
We can also see her on stage during dancing representations with different teams ( Figure2Style, Cie Black blanc beur, Cie accrorap, Cie Racines Carées…), during shows (Zamounda, Mosufu…)
And events (such as the launching of Madonna’s “Material Girl” in New York, or the Stade de France show for Usain Bolt, or the Rio carnaval) but also in music videos and adverts.

Dancer-choreographer-dance teacher-judge, Sarah Bee is highly implicated in the organization of events in her hometown Chenove as well as in the whole region with her team squad Figure2Style.

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Strong from her 15 years of dancing, she militates to develop hip hop dance and open it up to other disciplines, such as capoeira.

In 2008, Sarah Bee integrates Mosufu ( 8 bgirls from France an Italy ) and recently entered Zamounda group ( six all style
French female dancers ) to be able to make the female image of hip hop stronger !

She has won several awards till this date –



Winner 7 to Smoke All-Styles Battle at #JustrocTheParty 2012 (Los Angeles)

Finalist Battle Red Bull Beat It 2012 (France)

maxresdefault 1Finalist in Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project, Dance for Madonna competition 2011 (New York City)

Winner Freestyle Battle 2vs2 2011 (Japan)

Winner Summer Dance Battle 2011, Battle Choregrapique (French Guiana)

Judge qualification Battle of the year Tunisie 2011 (Tunisia)

Finalist Battle Red Bull Beat It 2011 (France)

Jugde qualification Battle of the year Amérique du Sud 2011 (Brazil)

Winner Chelles battle pro, battle exhibition bgirl 2011 (France)

Winner battle « batalha na vila » 1vs1 bgirl 2011 (Brazil)

Winner Battle of the year bgirl 2010 (France)

Winner Chelles battle pro, battle exhibition bgirl 2010 (France)

Winner battle bboy evolution 1vs1 « bboy » (Brazil)

Guest to Judge battle bgirl R16 2009 « qualification Battle of the year » (Korea)

Winner battle énergies urbaines 1vs1 bgirl 2009 (France)

Winner Battle of the year bgirl international 2008 (Hannover, Germany)

Winner battle We bgirlZ 2008 (Berlin, Germany)

Winner Battle of the year bgirl 2008 (France)

Elected best french troup by the Europ hiphop award 2008

Published in graffit magazine…

Some of her Dance Videos are Linked Below –



Visit her profile at : https://talentsofworld.com/Sarah_Bee

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/_iamsarahbee/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Sarah-Bee-112605422158915/

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