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Dj / Producer PIRIDELMAR From Oporto, Portugal.

Dj / Producer PIRIDELMAR From Oporto, Portugal.


Piridelmar won the artistic name for having the horizon framed by the experience in Matosinhos. Born in Porto, his 26-year long career as a DJ guarantees him an enviable experience, with many stops in club booths all over the country, having crossed paths with some of the biggest names in the world “Dance Music” on this route that brought it up to the present and that now gives it optimistic prospects for the future.

About five years ago, Piridelmar’s horizons expanded even more when he started producing, bringing to the studio all the baggage of references that he was improving on the tracks: Piridelmar breathes house music, but in his sets he knows how to expose arguments taken from the universes of several musical aspects of tech house, afro house or tropical house – when you command a night, your interaction with the public is permanent, which always results in vibrant environments and charged with positive energy, whether you are putting music in the best houses from Portugal, whether traveling through Poland, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg or Switzerland, usual stops on your international route.

Dj / Producer PIRIDELMAR From Oporto, Portugal.This is exactly the spirit that dominates NEVER ALONE, a CD of 11 original themes just released that has the participation of several national and international artists and in which their sophisticated productions cover the different pulsars of the most tropical beats, from afro house to moombathon, with the “house music” tradition always close by, in a sound that is very attractive for different generations and that unites them all on the dance floor.

“I have always been open to collaborations, I like to exchange ideas and experiences, so I am never alone”, explains Piridelmar, who has presented his projects on several television programs, including the popular Love On Top, where the single Together was entitled to debut.

Dj / Producer PIRIDELMAR From Oporto, Portugal.Album Never Alone is available on all digital streaming platforms.

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Piridelmar Youtube / Piridelmar Facebook/ Piridelmar Instagram / Piridelmar Spotify / Piridelmar Soundcloud / Piiridelmar iTunes / Piridelmar Twitter / Piridelmar Profile at Talentsofworld

-: Record Label :-

Dj / Producer PIRIDELMAR From Oporto, Portugal.Dose de Sucesso, Lda

Dj / Producer PIRIDELMAR From Oporto, Portugal.D.D.S. Records

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