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Sasha Popova : Singer | Songwriter

Sasha Popova – Remarkable Russian Singer

Sasha popova | Alexandra popova

Sasha Popova was born on June 28, 1991 in city of Khrustalny, Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine.Sasha Popova  is a Russian singer, a finalist in the show I Want to VIA Games, and a soloist of the pop group Fabryka.  Her debut on the stage took place when she was only three years old at a concert, Sasha sang Alena Apina’s song “The knot will tie.”


Her first major achievement was the victory in the city festival “Music Fair – 98”. First diploma and a huge elephant as a gift. In 1999, Sasha became a laureate of the All-Ukrainian Show of Folk Art in Lugansk. It was not easy to combine excellent studies at school with creativity, but discipline gave her strength to never stop.

Sasha popova | Alexandra popova

Early life

Before starting school, she began acting. She won city, regional and national competitions of children’s songs. She graduated from school with a gold medal and later entered the Donetsk National Medical University where she studied to become a dentist. While still studying, Sasha became a soloist of the jazz orchestra “Medicus Band”. And constantly participated in creative competitions of national and regional scale.

Sasha popova | Alexandra popova


In 2012 she became the winner of the TV project “Pure HIT”. And after graduating from university, Sasha began to participate in the project of Konstantin Meladze I want to “VIA Games”. Sasha became a finalist in the project, but did not get into the main group. Her mentor on the project was Anna Sedokova, who later invited her to participate in the group “TABOO”. Sasha was one of the soloists until the end of the group.In early 2014, it was announced that Igor Matvienko had invited Sasha to join the Fabrika group. As part of the group,

she recorded songs:

  • “Secret” (2015),
  • “Loved” (2015),
  • “And I Follow You” (2016),
  • “Butterflies” (2017),
  • “I Could As I Could” (2018)
  • and “On the Bridge” (2019).

Sasha is one of the soloists of the group to this day. In 2015, Sasha starred in a candid photo shoot for MAXIM magazine.Sasha popova | Alexandra popova

Solo Career

 In 2019, Sasha announced the beginning of a solo career.  On September 13, 2019, her first solo track “SUSHY” was released. The single was well received by critics, and the video garnered several million views in its first weekend. On November 8, 2019, Sasha’s second single “We are strong” was released. Leads an active lifestyle. In 2005 she received the title of “Scout of Ukraine” in the scout camp “Rocks by the Sea” in the Crimea.

Sasha popova | Alexandra popova

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