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Seventeen’s Latest Single “Super” Sets New Standards in Performance Artistry

Seventeen’s Latest Single “Super” Sets New Standards in Performance Artistry

Seventeen’s latest single “Super” has taken the music industry by storm, setting new standards in performance artistry. With their electrifying choreography, flawless vocals, and charismatic stage presence, the group has once again proven their prowess as performers.

“Super,” the lead single from Seventeen’s newest mini album, FML, has undoubtedly emerged as the group’s most ambitious and groundbreaking release to date. This volcanic tour de force showcases unparalleled technical choreography and exemplifies the exceptional teamwork that defines the band. With a seismic level of scale and energy, the members knew they needed a visually captivating performance that could match the supercharged essence of the song while highlighting their versatility as performers and industry innovators.

Seventeen's super

During a Zoom interview with NYLON, Vernon, one of the group’s members, expresses their determination to outdo themselves with each comeback. “Every comeback, we want to do better than our last comeback,” he affirms, as dancer Jun nods in agreement beside him. “And this comeback actually exceeded everyone’s expectations, drastically.”

The conceptualization of the performance began with a discussion between the members and their longstanding performance director, Yoon Hyelim, as well as choreographer Choi Youngjun. Upon listening to the song, Yoon delved into its significance and the ideas they aimed to convey. For “Super,” Yoon explains to NYLON that they aspired to deliver a performance that would transcend Seventeen’s fanbase and leave an impression on professional choreographers and dancers, whose artistry revolves around the realm of live performances.

“We wanted to deliver a performance that would not only resonate with their fans and the general public but would also captivate the attention of professionals in the field of performances,” Yoon states.If the added pressure weighed on Jun, he does not show it. “I don’t think pressure is something that should be feared,” he says. “I think it’s something very necessary. It’s even better to feel pressure because we work harder and practice harder.”

Seventeen's Latest Single

The essence of “Super” draws inspiration from the mighty Chinese mythological character Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King. In the South Korean title of the song, “손오공” or “Sonogong,” one can find a direct reference to this iconic figure. Sun Wukong possessed the ability to shapeshift into various forms, transforming each strand of his hair into something living or inanimate. This muse aligns perfectly with Seventeen, as they are protean performers highly skilled in the art of transformation. Through “Super,” they channel their inner champions.

Seventeen's Latest Single

Drawing from the widely popular anime series Dragon Ball Z, the character Son Goku is heavily influenced by Sun Wukong. Both mischievous figures possess superhuman strength, travel on a flying cloud, and wield a magical staff that alters its length. In the song’s lyrics, Joshua sings, “Rise way up to the sky, power pole,” while moving his hands in an expanding motion to symbolize the ever-extending weapon.

Just before the impactful chorus, Dino, whose hair color in the music video can best be described as Super Saiyan blonde, references Goku’s instant transmission teleportation move by touching his forehead with two fingers. Leader S.Coups also takes to the air three times during the second verse, emulating Sun Wukong’s cloud-leaping ability and Goku’s flying nimbus.

Seventeen's Latest Single

According to Yoon, the overall choreography for “Super” is not solely inspired by Sun Wukong but rather a multitude of powerful characters. “Each member was assigned characteristics from various protagonists, heroes with superpowers, and legends from films and cartoons,” she explains. “Therefore, each member might evoke different character associations in the minds of viewers.”

The performance of “Super” presents both its greatest strength and unique challenge in the form of the sheer number of dancers involved. Vernon reflects on their excitement, stating, “We were thrilled.

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