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Sudhir Shivaram Indian photographer

Shivaram grew up in Karnataka and got interested in wildlife photography in 1993 whilst studying engineering at Malnad College of Engineering in Hassan, Karnataka. After graduation, he worked for Hewlett-Packard as an engineer and later at APC. Currently, he is a full-time wildlife photography teacher. He was named Sanctuary Asia's "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" in 2012.

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He also owns an online teaching site for the generation. visit the site now https://www.sudhirshivaramphotography.com The glorious outdoors!! Apart from the online photography classes, we also bring to you our signature photography learning tours, where we have bundled the best of wildlife destinations and world-class photography teaching. Pursue your penchant for travel and passion for photography with these carefully curated tours. The major tours are as FHG

Ranthambhore R

Kanha Tiger Reserve

Sudhir Shivaram Indian photographer

Shivaram campaigns for wildlife protection. He was a brand ambassador for Canon. He is the founding member of the non-profit photo-sharing site India Nature Watch.

Sudhir Shivaram Indian photographer

At the 2014 Worldwide Editorial Awards held in Washington D.C., National Geographic Traveler India's September 2013 cover featuring Sudhir's image won the Yellow Border Award for the best cover across 14 language editions of the magazine worldwide.

Sudhir Shivaram Indian photographer

The bedrock in your pursuit of photography excellence. Our photography workshop, along with our online photography classes, is designed to teach all you need to get a firm grip on the basics of photography. Typically spread over two days, the first day is dedicated to imparting the core principles.

Sudhir Shivaram Indian photographer

These photography tours and workshops, based on Sudhir’s 25+ years of field and teaching experience, are designed to help photographers across skill levels

Practical Learning
On-field Guidance
Camera Settings
Post Processing
Photography Competitions
Holistic Approach

Sudhir Shivaram Indian photographer

 He generally captures cute and relaxing photographs and is experienced at it

Sudhir Shivaram Indian photographer Bandhavgarh Beckons – Sudhir Shivaram Photography

Sudhir Shivaram Indian photographer Sudhir Shivaram photography workshops

Sudhir Shivaram Indian photographer


 Two peacocks playing with a cute attraction

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