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Taylor Swift’s ‘disorderly’ stalker arrested for allegedly trying to break into her NYC home

A man was arrested for allegedly lurking around pop star Taylor Swift’s New York City home and attempting to break in. Details are still emerging, but police reports indicate the suspect had been seen loitering near the residence for several weeks before attempting to gain entry. Thankfully, Swift was not home at the time of the incident.

Taylor Swift wore a white beanie to see her boyfriend, NFL player Travis Kelce play a football game(Instagram)

The New York Police Department arrested the man as he was reportedly attempting to break into Taylor Swift’s Tribeca apartment.

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Man arrested after attempting to enter Taylor Swift’s NYC building

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According to a spokesperson from the New York Police Department, officers were alerted to a “disorderly person” on Franklin Street, as reported by Page Six. The neighbors and onlookers, who had been monitoring the man for a considerable period, notified the police about the situation. “Upon arrival, [police] were informed that the individual attempted to open a door to a building at the location,” as per public information officer.

Who is Taylor Swift’s stalker?

David (not the document name) was attempting to enter Swift’s residence, and a different source has confirmed witnessing the suspect in the act of trying to gain access to her place. The source and neighbors informed the police that they have observed this man lingering in the neighborhood for several weeks. They reported to the police that the individual had been “sleeping on the stoop, chain-smoking continuously, shouting, and generally causing discomfort to everyone.”

One eyewitness said, “I first saw him around 1 p.m. He went up to Taylor’s door,” adding, “I’m not sure if he knocked or rang the doorbell.” Another eyewitness informed, “When he arrived before Christmas, my husband asked what he was doing here and he said, ‘I want to see Taylor,’” and even “had flowers at one point.”

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It is possible that Taylor was in the town when the stalker showed up because she was seen recording music at Electric Lady studio in Manhattan on Thursday earlier this week. The man, who now has an active warrant against him, was apprehended and taken into custody. Photos showed a brunette with unkempt hair being arrested. He was dressed in a navy jacket, tan bottoms, and an off-white hoodie.

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  1. A man was arrested for allegedly attempting to break into Taylor Swift’s New York City home. Reports suggest that the suspect had been lurking near her residence for several weeks before the incident occurred. Fortunately, Taylor Swift was not present at the time of the attempted break-in. The New York Police Department arrested the man as he was trying to enter Swift’s Tribeca apartment. 🚨🏠 #TaylorSwift #SecurityIncident

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