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TOP TEN Underrated Indian Musical Bands

Here are some of the many talented bands in India who are extremely creative and keep experimenting but are still underrated.

If you are Desi music lover and you still haven’t listened to these underrated desi bands, you’re missing out. These Indian bands have the capability to produce much better and creative music then mainstream Bollywood but somehow got missed out by a lot of people.

Here is a small List by me for all of you to explore Indian bands

Disclaimer: This list by no means is ranking or says that these are the best Indian bands. These are just some bands with good music that I (and many people like me) think are underrated compared to their music.



Parvaaz is a contemporary Indian music band whose four members have assimilated several international progressive/psychedelic rock influences but their own expression has a rootedness that makes their sound unique. They sing mostly in Kashmiri and Urdu and their own line-up reflects the diversity they come from.

Khalid Ahamed (vocals), Mir Kashif Iqbal (guitars), Sachin Banandur (drums) and Fidel Dsouza (bass) constitute the Bangalore- based rock group.



When Chai Met Toast is a multilingual indie pop-folk band based in Kochi, India. The band originated in 2014 and was formally formed in 2016. It consists of four members – Ashwin Gopakumar (Vocalist), Achyuth Jaigopal (Guitarist), Palee Francis (Keyboard), and Pai Sailesh (Drummer).



The Local Train is a Hindi rock band formed in 2008, and based in New Delhi since 2015. The band’s lineup comprises lead vocalist, lyricist and guitarist Raman Negi, lead and acoustic guitarist Paras Thakur, bassist Ramit Mehra, and drummer and percussionist Sahil Sarin.



The Khalnayak is an Indie Rock Delhi based band. The Khalnayak is known for their Progressive music, lyrics and compositions.

Members :- Neelkanth Pathak (Singer/Composer), Shivansh Sethi (Guitaris/Music Producer), Divyansh Katyal (Bassist/Music Producer), Tajinder Singh (Drummer/Percussionist/Music Producer)



Naalayak is a four piece indie rock band from Chandigarh. Known for their explosive live acts and pumping music. They are now considered to be the genre defining new era of indie rock.

Members : Sahil Samuel (Vocalist/frontman), Akshat Kakar (Lead guitars/backing vocals), Garry singh (Drummer), Aashish Kalanta (Bassist)



Coshish is a Hindi progressive rock band from Mumbai, formed in 2006.The band believes that their music should have mass appeal and yet showcase their musical dexterity. 


  • Mangesh Gandhi – vocals, guitar (2006–present)
  • Shrikant Sreenivasan – guitar (2006–present)
  • Hamza Kazi – drums (2008–present)
  • Anish Nair – bass (2008–present)



The Yellow Diary is a band that has made a name for itself in the indie music scene in less than half a decade. The Mumbai-based alternative rock outfit has released six songs in two EPs, in addition to performing hundreds of live shows across the country. They are now signed with Sony Music India.

Band members—Himonshu Parikh (music production, keyboard, backing vocals), Rajan Batra (vocals, songwriting), Vaibhav Pani (guitar), Sahil Shah (drums) and Stuart DaCosta (bass)



Dream Note is a Jaipur, Rajasthan Based Indie Pop-rock Band Formed in 2014 by Gaurav Tiwari(Vocalist/Songwriter) and Sachin Singh(Bassist) later joined by Yash Verma(Keys) , Taresh Agarwal( Guitarist/ Music producer), Saurabh Parihar(Guitarist) and Bharat Pareek(Drummer).



Sifar is a rock band from Delhi, India, formed in 2008 by Singer, Songwriter, and Music Producer Amit Yadav. The band was previously signed to Universal Music. Sifar was formed in 2008, when Amit recorded his version of one of his friend Anshul’s songs. Until this point, they had tried finding the right band/ artist for their songs without any success.



Swastik The Band is a Chandigarh-based Rock Band that has taken influence from Indian Classical and alternative Rock to create new landscapes. The band was founded by the lead guitar player/songwriter Rohit Joshi.
The band initially got the breakthrough by the song ‘Kuch Bhi Kar’ which stayed in the Top charts on MTV Indies. Another single ‘Jogi’, featuring a new lineup crossed over a million views on YouTube. 

THANK YOU!!! Check out all these bands.

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