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What’s so special in Maria Teriaeva’s “SØS” Music Video

Maria Teriaeva uses the Buchla modular synthesizer as a framework for her music combining it with acoustic instruments and voice.

Maria Teriaeva is a Siberian-born, Moscow-based musician and composer. She uses the Buchla modular synthesizer as a framework for her music combining it with acoustic instruments and voice.

Maria Teriaeva

Maria first played in several prominent indie pop and shoegaze bands in Russia. She attended the Red Bull Music Academy in 2015 and then started writing songs on her own after discovering Music Easel, a modular synthesizer created by Don Buchla in 1972. Her music oscillates between dream pop, ambient and electronica and is steeped in her research work on new instruments and innovative modules in Russia.

She released the music video for song “SØS”, the track is taken from her forthcoming second album, Conservatory Of Flowers, which sees Teriaeva blending Buchla compositions with analogue instrumentation, including trumpet, saxophone, cello and flute.

The album was composed over three years, and is a follow-up to her debut album Focus, which was released in 2017.

In 2017, she released her debut album Focus, and in mid-April 2020 there will be a second disc, partially recorded in a country house, at the height of last summer.”This is warmth, tranquility, nature, bun, fresh air, hot sun, mother’s comfort. This is a picnic in the forest or a trip to a summer cottage for a city dweller, ”Maria herself describes the album. And this is what we all lack so much now.

In the first clip from the album, however, there are no buns, no fields, no forests. The action takes place in a scientific laboratory, where a scientist fixes mysterious anomalies. The researcher was played by the leading engineer of the Department of Scientific and Innovative Activities of the Moscow State Technical University. NE Bauman Mikhail Yuryevich Sotsky – who, as Maria herself explains, “publishes works in Acta Astronautica and knows what to do if a garbage ball flies to Earth”.

She believes that the heroic image of a scientist is best shown in Soviet dramas “about the patriotic work of scientists and inventors” – “Nine days in one year” and “Everything remains for people.” She speaks about her profession with pride, but without drama: “The work of scientists, of course, is a team. We need a leader – a creator – and professionals who support her. Our work is evidenced by the results: the flight of Buran, for example, nuclear-powered ships on the Northern Sea Route, the first lasers, the first satellite and an astronaut. ” In Teryaeva’s video, according to Sotsky, she supported the director’s idea “to the best of his abilities,” that is, she was herself – she portrayed an inquisitive researcher.

Maria Teriaeva’s Tracklist:

01. ‘The Jungle in June’
02. ‘Paris Texas’
03. ‘SØS’
04. ‘Spritz’
05. ‘How Are You Feeling?’
06. ‘A Sunlit Room’
07. ‘Abstract’
08. ’14’19’
09. ‘Spritz-Spritz (Sapphire Slows Remix)’

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