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Alia Bhatt Opens Up About Daughter Raha's Natural Love for Animals: 'My Mother Used to Throw a Fit' | - Times of India

Alia Bhatt Opens Up About Daughter Raha’s Natural Love for Animals: ‘My Mother Used to Throw a Fit’ | – Times of India

Alia Bhatt is currently promoting her upcoming web series, Poacher, where she also serves as an executive producer. The series, inspired by real-life incidents, offers a gripping narrative that delves into the lives of forest officials as they work to uncover an ivory poaching ring, shedding light on crucial environmental issues.
In a recent interview with The Hindu, Alia shared insights into her decision to back the project and discussed her personal connection to nature, particularly through her daughter Raha. Alia stated that children are naturally connected with nature and she observed that after witnessing Raha‘s natural love and excitement around animals.
“When you are a child you are naturally connect with nature and you feel a sense of clam around animals and I am seeing this first hand literally witnessing my daughter grew up around animals and she has a natural love and excitement around them,” she said.

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Alia also shared personal anecdotes from her childhood while talking about her longstanding love for animals. She reminisced about rescuing kittens with her sister Shaheen Bhatt and fostering them, despite their mother Soni Razdan‘s initial reservations.

“My mother used to throw a fit saying that ‘what are you doing?’ But then she would also get attached. So, it happened inherently happened. I think we all have a responsibility towards our planet,” Alia shared.
Poacher marks director Richie Mehta‘s return to streaming space with a show after the first season of critically-acclaimed Delhi Crime. The show, starring Nimisha Sajaya, Roshan Mathew and Debyendu Bhattacharya in prominent roles, will starts streaming from February 23.

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