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BLACKPINK’s Rosé to launch her own solo label after Jennie and Lisa: Report

BLACKPINK’s Rosé is reportedly gearing up to launch her own solo label, following in the footsteps of fellow members Jennie and Lisa. The singer, known for hits like Pink Venom, is aiming to establish her own one-person agency, signaling a new phase for BLACKPINK’s solo endeavors. Previous speculations hinted at Rosé joining Columbia Records, but according to Korean news media, this may no longer be the case. For more details, read on.

BLACKPINK’s Rose shared a post on Instagram and allegedly hinted at ongoing contract renewable controversy.

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BLACKPINK Rosé establishing her solo label

Following their departure from YG Entertainment after individual contract expirations, Lisa and Jennie have founded their solo labels, OA and LLOUD, respectively. Meanwhile, Jisoo is reportedly considering joining her brother’s agency. Recent reports from News 1 Korea suggest that Rosé, the Gone singer, is actively working on establishing her own solo label. If these reports hold true, Rosé would become the third member of BLACKPINK to venture into independent solo activities.

Rosé announces her new solo track Vampirehollie

The girl group member, renowned for her endorsements with various prestigious fashion brands, recently marked her 27th birthday on February 11. Subsequently, the K-pop sensation surprised her fans by sharing a 20-second teaser of her upcoming track Vampirehollie on her Instagram page. Furthermore, she also invited recommendations for her solo fanbase name within the same post.

Taking to her new Instagram, Rosé wrote, “I know I’ve been away for a minute, but I’ve been working really hard on some things that I’m really excited about. I cannot wait for you all to hear everything!! But since it’s my birthday, as I occasionally do on this day, I’m gonna give u a small gift. That’s 20 seconds of a song I’ve (for now) called Vampirehollie…!!!! I can’t believe I just did that!!!!!! But now it’s time for you to give me a gift in return. Give me a fandom name please ♡”

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Recent activities

On the professional front, the singer of “On The Ground” has recently kept a low profile. While BLACKPINK has committed to continuing their group activities under YG Entertainment, Rosé has not announced any signing with a new artist management company nor confirmed the establishment of her independent label. However, after teasing her solo era, fans are optimistic about the launch of her new label and eagerly anticipate being part of her fandom.

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