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Dreamcatcher : 1 of the K-pop’s Most inspiring existence

Dreamcatcher : 1 of the K-pop’s Most inspiring existence

Specifically close and socially cognizant, Dreamcatcher’s most recent EP fills in as a fast manual for handle the gathering’s sonic type


Among the numerous aspects that K-pop rock group Dreamcatcher excel at, narrating compelling stories swaddled in exhilarating soundscapes is undoubtedly their trump card.  And keeping in mind that “Maison” landed them not one yet two music-show wins, the most recent single “Vision” off their seventh EP, “Vision” off their seventh EP, Apocalypse: Follow Us, is all the proof you need to make them a recurring act on your on-repeat playlists.


Acting as the sophomore chapter in their ongoing Apocalypse series, which examines society’s relationship with planet Earth, “Vision’s” narrative is precisely what fans had suspected it to be – a revolution against environmental issues. We first received hints of this in the comeback schedule that housed an illustration of a microphone. This was shortly followed by a series of concept photographs with each member standing behind a podium dotted with microphones. The progression from a cry for help in “Maison” to taking matters into their own hands in “Vision” is indisputable. Yet, the EP tells a far greater story than the age-old proverb, ‘actions speak louder than words.’

Dreamcatcher : 1 of the K-pop’s Most inspiring existence

Though not as extensive as their April 2022 LP Apocalypse: Save Us, Apocalypse: Follow Us serves as a quick guide to familiarize your sonic tastebuds with Dreamcatcher’s sound. With the intro and outro tracks sandwiching genres ranging from dark techno, metal, alt-rock and ballad, the EP is an appetizer of sounds InSomnia (Dreamcatcher’s fandom) has grown fond of.

Dreamcatcher : 1 of the K-pop’s Most inspiring existence

Apocalypse: Follow Us opens with the edgy techno-based instrumental “Intro: Chaotical X” and pretty much sets the mood for the next track, “Vision.” Unlike their LP’s “Intro: Save Us,” “Intro: Chaotical X” pulls you into the action right from the word go, hinting towards the beginning of an explosive, action-packed chapter. While “Intro: Save Us” instilled a sense of eerie uncertainty with the orchestral soundscape, “Intro: Chaotical X” breaks free from the chains of uncertainty, embodying the gusto with which Apocalypse’s storytelling has evolved.

Dreamcatcher : 1 of the K-pop’s Most inspiring existence

Deconstructing the next track (and the lead single) “Vision” will most likely draw you to the unanimous conclusion that this is a quintessential Dreamcatcher release. The nu-metal track sees long-term collaborators Leez and Ollounder work alongside June One of Glen Check on the composition and arrangement fronts. In comparison to Dreamcatcher’s April 2022 single “Maison” – a far more palatable release for the general public that lacked the intensity that only Dreamcatcher can deliver – “Vision” recaptures the group’s vigor and prowess which they’re admired for.

Thanks to the dark-techno influences, the cyberpunk mood runs adjacent to Dreamcatcher’s ambitious vision to restore Earth to a cleaner and safer planet. Additional sonic elements such as industrial distortion and crisp guitar riffs are gradually introduced throughout the track without eclipsing the vocals or raps. On the other hand, Siyeon’s soaring high note and Dami’s rap are additional aspects that make “Vision” a lead single done right.

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