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Egor : Russian Rapper | Singer-Songwriter

Egor Kreed ( Егор Крид) and KReeD, is a Russian rapper and singer-songwriter.

Yegor Nikolaevich Bulatkin (  Егор Николаевич Булаткин), better known by his stage name Egor Kreed  and KReeD, is a Russian rapper and singer-songwriter. 

Egor learned at the Linguistic Gymnasium with an accentuation on English language. After secondary school he selected at the Academy of Music Gnesinon maker personnel. 

Egor felt a hankering for music since he was very young . Interestingly the artist is genuinely considering turning into a performer at 11 years old, when he heard 50 Cent’s melody “Candy Shop”. For quite some time Egor recorded tunes, step by step sharpening his abilities. 

Egor’s melodic introduction occurred in July 2011. On the guidance of companions, he posted a video “Lyubov v seti” on YouTube. In the wake of procuring a large number of perspectives, Yegor brought unbelievable achievement and prominence among netizens. 

In March 2012, Yegor won the “Star Vkontakte – Channel Five” in the class “Best Hip Hop Project”.Egor scored more than twenty thounsand casts a ballot and was welcome to talk at one of the fundamental spaces of Pop, St. Petersburg BKZ “October’s”, with the tune “Vdokhnovenie” (Inspiration). 

After the arrival of a cover variant which was initially performed by Timati, “Ne skhodi s uma” (Don’t be frantic), the cover procured 1,000,000 of perspectives. From that point forward, Timati’s creation place, Black Star Inc. watched the advancement of the youthful craftsman. 

In April 2012, Timati marked an agreement with the promising vocalist. The primary expert work of Egor under the name “Dark Star Inc.” was the tune “Starletka” (Starlet), which in spring 2012 was recorded video. In the clasp partook the famous Russian entertainer and model, Miroslava Karpovich, from the Russian TV series “Daddy’s Daughters” (Papiny Dochki). In the late spring of 2012, Egor showed up at such significant scenes of the capital: “Olympic”, “Luzhniki”, “OCE”, “Poklonaya Gora” and others. He additionally took part in friendly exercises Hip-Hop Unite, May First, City Youth, ELLO Festival and Euro 2012. 

On April 2, 2015 Egor has delivered his first independent collection “Holostyak” (The Bachelor). Today Egor recored around 60 tunes and video cuts, among them: “Nado li”, “Zavedi moi puls”, “Samaya”, “Nevesta”, “Rasstoyaniya”, “Bolshe chem lyubov” (with Alexey Vorobyov), “Starletka”, “Tolko ty”, “Yoy’re my system” and so forth .In October 9, 2014, Egor delivered his greatest hit “Samaya”, which denoted a weighty takeoff of his past material moving into an all the more Pop strong, arrived at number one in Russian diagrams and acquired more than twenty million perspectives on YouTube. In April Egor delivered the melody “Nevesta”, highlighting Anastasia Mikhailyuta and coordinated by Aleksey Kupriyanov.


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