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SIRUP : The Leading Face of Japanese R&B

Much like actual syrup, the Japanese singer-songwriter is a versatile artist that has a way of bringing together the sweet and smooth stylings of R&B with the upbeat energy of hip-hop. During every interview with SIRUP, it was clear from the get-go that he was someone that loved what he did. Giving extra careful thought to every answer and jumping at every chance to share his creative process, this was an artist incredibly passionate about music.

SIRUP : The Leading Face of Japanese R&B

SIRUP first entered the music scene in 2007 but back then he was known as KYOtaro. Armed with a similar flavour of R&B but with a dash of neo-soul, KYOtaro made waves in Japan’s R&B scene with a distinctive sound and wide musical range. But as time went on, the artist wanted a fresh new start and sound. and thus, SIRUP was born.

“There are a lot of shifts that I was considering both musically and lifestyle-wise. I was sort of getting tired of the name ‘KYOtaro’ as well as associating myself with that artist. I just wanted to start new. The other thing was that I also wanted to focus more on the hip-hop sound that SIRUP has now and sonically get a fresh start,” he tells Bandwagon.

SIRUP : The Leading Face of Japanese R&B

A name as sweet as it sounds, SIRUP came up with his name after combining the words ‘sing’ and rap’. “It suddenly came to me during a recording session, it was just very random,” he shared.

SIRUP came out with his debut single ‘Synapse’ in 2017. Boasting his full range of skills and artistry, the track showcased exactly what this new era was all about.

SIRUP : The Leading Face of Japanese R&B

“I made the song together with Yaffle and Nariaki Obukuro. It’s still very important to me since it was my debut song and we wrote it together before I even decided on my new name. In a way, it was the first experience I had as SIRUP,” he says. “It was like a brand new experience for me. Even my name was inspired by the experience of having written this song with them two. It was the first time that I was able to visualise this new world as SIRUP that I wouldn’t have been able to see if I hadn’t collaborated with these artists and producers.”

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