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Feduk : Russian Rapper and Singer

Feduk is a popular Russian rapper and singer, who became very well known in 2017 when he released his single Rozovoe vino (Розовое вино) together with Allj. The speciality of this track is how it mixes the Russian pop (and some remnants of the Soviet vibes) with contemporary trends in music, such as the signature UK bass/garage sound and even some of the post-internet hiphop / trap vibes.

Feduk : Russian Rapper and SingerMORE ABOUT FEDUK

Since then, Feduk’s popularity has only grown, with his 2017 hit Розовое вино (Rosé) in collaboration with Russian rapper Элдже́й (Eldzhey) becoming ubiquitous in Russian clubs and on Russian radio.

His biggest hit yet has almost 300 million views on Youtube and he has over a million followers on instagram – it’s worth giving him a follow, if only to get a little jealous at his somewhat lavish lifestyle.

Feduk : Russian Rapper and Singer

Feduk not only has the numbers behind him, but has also been recognised at Russian award shows. In 2018, he was nominated for Breakthrough Act of the Year at both Ru.tv and the Fashion People Awards, and in 2019 was nominated for Best Hip Hop Act at two more national award shows.

His singles include Бэнгер (Banger) and Маяк (Lighthouse) from his most recent album Йай (Yay), and his early releases Околофутбола (Kicking Off) and Нотный Стаф (Notes and Stuff) will give you a more rounded view of the artist

Feduk : Russian Rapper and Singer

From early childhood, he was lucky enough to travel around distant countries: the teaching activity of his father in schools at the Russian embassies in foreign countries involved constant trips abroad . When he was five years old, the Insarov family moved to China, and at the age of 11, Fedor ended up in Hungary, where he lived for four years. Later, Fedor admits to reporters that he first heard rap in Budapest. He was so hooked on this style of performance that he began to try to compose his own songs. In the same place, in Hungary, Fedor met a like-minded person who bore the pseudonym Rodnique. This man began to help the aspiring rapper, and the guys even recorded several joint tracks.

Feduk : Russian Rapper and Singer

The name Feduk is also associated with Hungary, under which Fedor Insarov became famous. The answer to the pseudonym is simple: the fact is that Feduk sounds more organic to the Hungarian ear than Fedor. Therefore, in Budapest, the young man was addressed in this way.

Feduk : Russian Rapper and Singer

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