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The limba : R&B and Pop Artist

Presently the work by Mukhamed Akhmetzhanov, who composes music under the stage name The Limba, has various fruitful singles, as well as unique coordinated efforts with different artists. The performer is called one of the principle hitmakers of the new time.

The limba : R&B and Pop Artist

The principal sythesis that merited consideration and opened the artist’s imaginative memoir was the track “Deceived”, which told about troubled love. Two or three years before its delivery, the tunes “Sign”, “Subject” and others were distributed. In 2017, these tracks were included in the Reflex EP, released on a small Fresh sound records studio with the support of the Almaty singer M’Dee , whose vocals appeared in the title track, adding an original touch and features typical of the R&B style to the performance.

After a year, new recordings of The Limba “Come with me?” appeared on the Web. what’s more “Not up to you”, made with the help of another countryman – Ablai Sydzykov (Bonah). He encouraged Muhamed to illuminate as a component of an exceptional Boom administration. It was here that in February 2018 the song “Everything is Simple” was successfully published, as well as the track “Girlfriend”, released with the participation of AlvinToday.

The limba : R&B and Pop Artist

In 2018, The Limba released their debut album We’re Going Home…. This work interested Russian producers, and the record was bought by the Soyuz studio. After the promotion, the singer gave a concert in Ukraine, and “Deceived” got on iTunes. And a year later, the artist presented the disc “I’m at Home”, the composition “Smoothie” with which quickly soared to the top of the charts.

The limba : R&B and Pop Artist

2020 turned out to be a productive year for the artist’s musical career. He has made several original collaborations with popular rappers. The brightest work of this period was the hit “Pill”, which was produced by Scriptonite . In an interview with The Limba, he said that in a Kazakhstani musical party they were introduced by a mutual friend. Adil was interested in the work of a young musician, later he and Akhmetzhanov met in the Russian capital.

Then Muhamed showed the rapper a demo of “Pills” – the single was created in a major key. Hearing the raw composition, Scryptonite immediately set about composing the original arrangement for the track. The result surprised and delighted The Limba so much that he no longer accepted the first version. The sound became what the young performer aspired to. Fans highly appreciated the joint creation of the musicians.

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