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Katharina Boger

Katharina Boger (born November 24 in Kazakhstan and raised in Germany) is a singer-songwriter. After completing her studies at the Johann Sebastian Bach School of Music she relocated to Los Angeles, California, where she learned to play thepianoand started writing her first songs.

Katharina BogerKatharina was born in Kysl-Orda, Kazakhstan, to Anna and Alexander Boger. She has an older brother named Sergej Boger. At the age of 4, Katharina and her family moved to Leipzig, Germany where she grew up bilingual (Russian/German).

Katharina Boger

After several demo tape recordings in Leipzig, Hamburg and Osnabrück, Katharina went to London to produce some of her songs professionally.

Katharina Boger

Katharinas music is generally described as pop and R&B with elements of hip hop and trap music. Lyrically she plays with the “Angel & Devil” theme. Katharina Boger said in an interview, “We all have a little angel and a little devil inside of us and both fight with each other how to act right or wrong. Sometimes sassy things are more interesting even if we know that they are not the best decisions, but we choose to go for them. One day I’m the emotional, sensitive little angel and in my next song I can be a sassy, playful explosion of a devil. I feel both parts inside of me and I love to share these feelings with my audience.”

Katharina Boger

She says she sing in English, because

“She don’t want to decide between one of her native languages Russian/German. Beyond that she don’t like limits and English is the main language world wide, means more people are able to understand her lyrics. And who knows, when she is perfect in English maybe she also sing in Spanish one day ;)! She always reach for new goals and Spanish is one of her favourite languages. Most people think she is Latina, so who knows! Music is not a language it’s a feeling, right!?”

Katharina Boger


1.Katharina Boger – Breathe

Katharina Boger

2.Katharina Boger – Angels & Devils

Katharina Boger

3.Katharina Boger- BAD GIRL

Katharina Boger


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